Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Adventure

Nov 2017

If someone had told me I’d be singing the praises of a Porsche driving adventure, I might just have called them crazy. The sexy, masculine brand does not exactly convey the image of a tree hugging eco-friendly vehicle. But that’s just the point: don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Under the sleek hood of the hybrid Panamera is an efficient, high performance vehicle. I somehow found myself behind the wheel on a trip to Atlanta celebrating JetBlue’s inaugural flight of a direct route from Boston.

Porsche driving adventure

While the car will in no way will be running neck and neck with Tesla for environmental awards, test driving the beast and seeing the gas-electric sedan in action was impressive.  The North American Headquarters for Porsche relocated to Atlanta in 2015. If you’re a car lover, speed freak or adventure gal like me who loves new experiences, don’t miss this one.

Yes, a year ago I would have rolled my eyes and laughed had someone told me I would still be thinking about how much heart-pumping fun I had behind the wheel.  The Center is one of two in the country for the well known brand, synomous with driving luxury. I had the opportunity to drive the car myself to see how it handles at high speed, go off road on a course where the car practically thinks for itself and take a thrill ride around the track with a professional coach behind the wheel. After my 90 minute Porsche driving adventure, I no longer find the concept of fast cars a mystery. Sexy, sleek and exciting, I’m not a convert to expensive, fast cars, but can honestly say I now understand the allure. Buckle UP!

Porsche driving adventure in Atlanta, GA

Atlanta’s Porsche Driving Adventure

It is every car enthusiast’s dream to sit behind the wheel of a Porsche and really open it up. And at The Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, Georgia you can drive the sports car of your choice on their dedicated track. Choose from a fleet of more than 75 cars, including the latest vehicle models.

The center is open to the public and can be visited as an individual or part of a group, and is comprised of a 1.6-mile track for driver development. Think of it as the open road on which you can zoom around in a real live Porsche. A driving coach will be accompanying you and may even give you a driving lesson if need be. The Experience Center offers six different modules, each designed to teach you a specific skill, such as speed handling or driving up hills. The Porsche Drive Coaches offer one-on-one sessions, customized according to your requirements.

Drive a Porsche for adventure

The facilities also house a simulator lab with five simulation machines in which you can race in any setting against drivers from around the world. There is even a performance center which evaluates your physical and physiological fitness before you take the driving seat of a race car.

The Porsche driving adventure in Atlanta is more than just a racing track with some bells and whistles. It is also a museum and showroom for the Porsche brand. The Heritage Center is a two-story building where guests can take self-guided tours and learn more about the history and manufacturing of the world’s most loved sports car. The museum has rotating displays of vehicles from Germany as well as collector editions of the cars.

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Atlanta Porsche Driving Adventure

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  1. Absolute sweetness. I would love to drive the Porsche hybrid. Indeed, not quite Tesla but a good start.

  2. Why not have a bit of fun behind the wheel especially in such a sleek and stylish sports car

    • alison says:

      If I’m going to race around the track Heather, I can’t think of a better brand to do it with. Porsche is certainly known for their high performance engines and speed.

  3. That sounds like an adrenaline fuelled day. I never thought Porche would ever produce a hybrid but it seems they’ve achieved the perfect balance of style and sustainability.

  4. I agree with what you say upfront here – I never would have considered a Porsche before but something crossed over in me lately and I kind of want one! IT didn’t help that I saw a few beauties on a trip to Italy and they fit so well with the scenery!

  5. Anna Parker says:

    Good on porsche for getting more environmentally friendly! I loved the track day I did but I dread to think how much fuel the Aston Martin burnt in the process!

  6. Reminds me of my time test-driving **another brand’s** hybrid vehicle in Barcelona earlier this year, with Travel with Kat – that was equally an eye-opener for me. I can only agree with other comments here – it’s good to see sustainability moving up the list of priorities in the industry.

  7. That does sound like a great experience. I drove a hybrid car for the first time earlier this year and loved It. Really didn’t want to give it back again. My car’s over twenty years old. MOT is due in a couple of weeks. She’s rather tatty but I love her.

  8. Karen Warren says:

    I’m not in any way a car enthusiast, but I think it would be great fun to ride in a high performance car just once!

  9. Lucy says:

    I can’t even drive so this is probably not one for me, but my husband would be in heaven!

  10. What a fun adventure! Didn’t know that Porsche headquarters was in Atlanta!