Name Alison Abbott
Occupation Freelance Writer
Location Boston/Nantucket, MA
Contact info@greenwithrenvy.com
Seasonal Favorite oysters + squash blossoms
On the Horizon Palm Beach, Boston, Portland
Favorite Setting By the Water
Collectible Indigenous Textiles
Reading Portuguese Travel Cookbook

Sharing the World of Responsible Travel One Trip at a Time

Baby Boomer and founder Alison Abbott has been a multi discipline designer for all of her adult life. She is a serious adventurer, content creator and small business strategist, who is enthusiastic about keeping it local whether at home or abroad.

around the world with Alison Abbott

A passion for travel took hold early in her career. Production trips to the Far East for the fashion and textile design company she established in 1978 sealed her fate. With dyes from France, silks from China and production in the Philippines, this boss woman was making use of the word global long before it was chic.  Employing over 150 artisans, she learned early on the value of ethical working conditions and fair trade. Her collections and private label design attracted the attention of every major department store and catalog around the country.

Hand painted designs of SilkScapes

Twenty five successful years later, she segued into the world of renovating houses with an eco-friendly twist.

We were able to transition the company to the factory owner’s daughter. That made the move a lot easier. The timing was good, I was ready for a new challenge, and I had always wanted to try my hand at flipping houses.

A desire to combine that passion for travel with her growing knowledge in the world of sustainability led her to the launch of Green With Renvy.

Fate intervened when she won a ticket to a travel bloggers conference in Toronto. From there, Alison said sayonara to the world of hammers and never looked back. You’ll find the blog is an enjoyable riff on the concept of renovating your travel and lifestyle in sustainable shades of green. Reducing your carbon footprint can come in many forms, and even small steps can have a significant impact.

Sharing these ideas and discoveries with her readers is what Green With Renvy is all about. Inspiring others to take a step out of their comfort zone and consider alternative destinations and adventures is a basis for the travel experiences that make their way onto Green With Renvy’s platform. When not searching for the best of artisans, growers and locales that make a destination unique, Alison shares her time between Boston and Nantucket.


Alison is a brand ambassador and Boston Local Expert with AFAR Media. Recent work has been featured on Westin™ Finds from Afar, Food Wine and Travel and Trip Advisor B2B. She has provided content creation and photography for both Chase Bank and AFARMedia as they relaunch their web sites.

Alison’s coverage of The Flower Markets of India was featured in Leaf Magazine. AdventureSmith Explorations, Viking River Cruises, Visit Azores, and Visit Costa Rica have partnered with the writer. She has reviewed hotels around the world. Her self guided walking tour of Nantucket – A Faraway Isle was published by Visual Travel Tours and is available for download.

She is regularly mentioned on lists of Best Instagramers to Follow.  X’ian: Beyond the Terra Cotta Warriors was a finalist for Best Culinary Travel article from the National Association of Travel Journalists (NATJA). Most recently Alison was nominated for a Bessie Award, honoring Bessie Coleman, the first woman of African-American descent to hold a pilot’s license.  The awards are given to thought leaders and innovators in travel, her’s in the category of Ethical Travel.

As a writer, she explains,

Nothing could make me happier than hearing from a reader who has arranged travel plans to stay in an eco-friendly hotel that I recently recommended. A subscriber and her husband took a page out of my itinerary in Kerala. It was a first timers perfect journey to ease them into the chaos that can be India.

Something as simple as trying one of my Meatless Monday recipes with great results can make my day. I firmly believe that as individuals become better traveled and more mindful, culturally aware citizens of the globe, the world will be a better place.

With that thought in mind, Alison shares the experience of responsible travel and lifestyle through Green With Renvy. You may contact her directly at greenwithrenvy@gmail.com

Let’s make a difference together.