Writers Guidelines and Sponsored Posts

Writers Guidelines

Green With Renvy is a travel and lifestyle community with a focus on sustainable shades of green luxury living. We are looking for articles that will help our readers (65% women) live and travel safely, responsibly and happily with intention and authentic experiences. The environment, wellness and local cultures are at the forefront of the travel and lifestyle decisions we make. If you have something to share in this community, we’d love to hear from you.

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Visiting this page probably means you are interested in writing a guest post or buying a sponsored post on Green With Renvy. We are thrilled you enjoy our content and think we can provide a service to your audience or help build your resumé.

The good news is, we do accept guest posts and sponsored posts, but there are a few RULES we’d like to get out of the way up front to make sure everyone is on the same page. Please read them carefully. We rarely accept more than one guest post/month; make it relevant to our audience.

If you email us an inquiry and we get the sense that you have not already read this page carefully, we will simply reply with a link back to this page.

If you represent a travel brand, manufacturer’s product, hotel/resort, tour operator, travel app, SEO marketing agency, website focused on affiliate revenue, or any other for-profit business, scroll down to the sponsored post section! Email us separately about press trips and hosted stays.

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Guest Posts

When we started Green With Renvy, many other bloggers were generous with their time and guest post opportunities. We are happy to return the favor to legit bloggers and travel writers.

Here are a few pointers for getting your article published:

  • Our site is in the eco-friendly, responsible travel + lifestyle niche. Stories about conservation, wildlife, adventure, farm to table food + drink, keeping it local, culture and green, healthy living are a good fit.
  • Make sure your story furthers the Green With Renvy mission statement:

Empowering travelers to step out of their comfort zone, rethink responsible lifestyle and travel options and explore beyond their boundaries in sustainable  shades of green.

  • Our demographic skews towards active baby boomers and GenX travelers. Bungee jumping is probably not a good fit. But we do like adventure!
  • Please make sure to read some of the posts on the site to familiarize yourself with our writing style. We do a lot of research before we hit publish!
  • GWR is an international website and does not affiliate with any party or faith. Please keep all posts related to travel or lifestyle and neutral in nature.

Details for Each Post

  • Your content needs to be original and owned by you. We ask your content not be published elsewhere for 90 days after going live here.
  • Green With Renvy is a visual site with many photographs. Guest posts should be close to 1000 words and include at least 5 high quality photos which you either own, have the rights to, or are part of Creative Commons.
  • Please include a short bio as well as a head shot and a link back to your blog. You may also include a contextual link to a non-competing story and links to 2 social media accounts.
  • Your post may be featured on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.
  • You retain any ownership rights to your content, but you grant Green With Renvy a license to use that content. We retain the write to edit and optimize for SEO said content.
  • Writing for Green With Renvy is purely voluntary, we do not pay for content and your submission does not make you an employee or contractor of Green With Renvy. Please don’t claim otherwise.
  • When your post is published, we expect you to share it on your SM channels as well.

Phew, are you still here? Great – We look forward to hearing from you!

Let’s Get Started:

  • Pitches should be addressed to the Editor: Alison Abbott (info@greenwithrenvy.com) Include up to three ideas and a paragraph summary of each in your first email. Generic emails with I want to provide a guest post and no further information get no further than the DELETE button.

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Sponsored Post Rates and Terms

If you want to reach our audience, the onus is on you. Make it easy for us to say yes. That begins with understanding the mission of Green With Renvy.

We DO NOT promote for-profit sites for free. We DO NOT work for exposure. Exposure DOES NOT pay our rent or put food on the table.  We DO NOT want to be part of your link-building promotions.

Aside from the guest posts discussed above, We DO NOT write about anything we have not experienced or tried ourselves, unless it is in a clearly marked sponsored post and related to GWR content. Our readers have come to trust the opinion of GWR, and we would never do anything to jeopardize that trust.

We can package together sponsored blog posts and social media posts, newsletters, etc. for greater impact. Long term relationships come with a discount and are better for everyone. More information is on our WORK WITH US page.

We currently offer the following ways to advertise:

  • Sponsored Posts: Green With Renvy will have full editorial control over ALL sponsored posts. If written in house, we’ll create a well-written, thoroughly researched article between 1000 – 2000 words, including 6-10 photos, with one link (valid for 1 year) to the client’s website, and promote heavily via social media. If we’re not proud of the finished product-then what’s the point!?
  • Social Media: We currently have over 60,000 social media followers on various channels, with Facebook and Instagram our strongest engagement. Rates per post range by channel. Through collaboration with other like-minded groups on all channels, regularly promoted posts receive over 1M impressions and OTS.
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RATE SHEET: Our site’s traffic and DA enjoys steady growth, so our pricing structure changes from year to year. Once you’ve read all of our advertising terms and think your brand will be a good fit, feel free to email us for the rate sheet.

Terms on Sponsored Posts

  • The sponsored post will include the statement, “This post is brought to you by…” or some similarly transparent disclosure. We abide by all FTC rules and place high value on staying on the right side of Google.
  • All advertising payments must be made via PayPal within 24 hours of the sponsored post being published. An additional 5% administration charge will cover the cost of PayPal fees. If payment is not received within 24 hours of posting, Green With Renvy  reserves the right to remove the post or links.
  • All links, images, posts, etc. will be pre-approved by Green With Renvy.
  • All links, unless otherwise stated, are “No-follow” and good for 1 year only. Longer duration can be discussed.
  • GWR promotes environmental stewardship and healthy living, we do not offer sponsored posts to any companies not affiliated with such.
  • Please read our terms carefully before you email us. We are extremely selective about which brands we work with and will make sure your company mission aligns with our own.

Thank you for your time.