You Are What you Eat

Feb 2011

With New York Fashion Week well under way, I find myself thinking about Food Being the New Fashion.
The proliferation of food blogs, reality TV shows, gourmet food trucks and celebrity chefs has everyone talking about what they are eating.  And that, of course, is a good thing.  From Michelle Obama taking on  school lunch programs, to Oprah and team going vegan for a week, the fact that so many are focused on where our food comes from and what we do with it is exciting.  And with the Grammys tonight, I am reminded about Lady Gaga’s meat ensemble last year. How about that for a visual !! Where you buy your groceries and what goes into those grocery bags seems to say something about your values and culture.
Its a boon for all of us and to have such a huge variety available, and the pleasures of a seasonal, sustainable diet can only help the small farmers of America.  Often,  foodie and fashionista are intertwined, and I say keep the fusion going!

You Are What You Eat