Timeless Jewelry from Florence – Art925

Nov 2011

Yes, I’ve saved the best for last! Have you ever dreamed about having a small atelier deep in the heart of a  romantic European city; spending your days immersed in your art? Well Naomi Muirhead of Art.925 is living the dream! I was the lucky visitor to her studio during my Florence stay.  Naomi makes jewelry, artwork and furniture using vintage ephemera, Italian maps, letters, watch parts and other materials.  In other words, she is one multi-talented woman!  Oh, and did I tell you she also teaches university level courses in jewelry and she has exhibited extensively throughout the world?

Jewelry Treasures from Art925


naomi barcelona chair
Barcelona Chair from Art925

Her respect for the past, while repurposing these items for the future, is evident in each and every piece.  Hand made and customizable, they become one-of a kind reminders of a special trip you have taken that holds a dear place in your heart.

2naomi 4maprings2

Map rings from Art925

3naomi coin_pendants

Pendants from Art925


naomi in studio
“Many pieces have grown out of a challenge to use materials or objects that I have found and collected. These pieces are less about the traditional craft of jewelry making and more about making intimate objects that have a narrative to tell and can be worn and shared with others. Unlike an art piece on a wall in a home, jewelry can interact with the wearer’s lifestyle. Some of the pieces are experimental and playful, although three main themes are prevalent: maps, texts, and watch parts.”
4naomi watch parts 5naomi bulova_elgin_beldan_watches
Pendants from Art925

Enjoying the hunt for unusual pieces, Naomi scours flea markets, and finds eBay a good source for her components.  She was drawn to the graphic nature of vintage watch faces and the sheer beauty of their inner workings.  Imagine her surprise when she found watches from the now defunct Elgin National Watch Company in Illinois. You see, Elgin was where she was born.  I guess you could say her fate, at that point, was sealed.  Now she is reminded of her childhood while at the same time transforming old pieces into timeless, exquisite pieces of jewelry.  Breathing new life, and crafting architecture on a miniature scale into everlasting treasures.

6naomi cufflinks1

Visit her etsy shop in time for holiday gift giving. Or if you are lucky enough to live in the San Francisco Bay area, visit the Pop Up store she is having in Los Gatos on December 18th.  Leave a note in the comments area and I’ll send you more information.
For now-its Ciao Italia…….