Yakity Yak Yak

Feb 2011
Despite the fact that we got a bit of a tease last week with the warmer temps, Ol’ Man Winter is back in full force.  The thaw and refreeze make it even more treacherous to get out for a daily constitutional. Anyone living in New England needs a pair of YakTrax.
Photo from James C. Farmer via Flickr
Named after the surefooted Tibetan Yak, these treated steel coils let you get out and enjoy the winter.

As much as I’d like to cry uncle with this season, I’m afraid we still have some frigid days in the immediate future.

A little exercise in the open air and sunshine is one of the best ways to conquer the cold.  It gives strength to the physical body.  It gives a boost to the psyche and helps maintain  mental balance. Invest in  a pair.  There is much to savor with winter’s beauty.