Wellesley College Botanic Garden

Feb 2015
You might be able to tell I am getting a bit of cabin fever. Mother Nature has not been kind to Boston this winter with record setting weather coming at us in all directions. Those of us who like to get our hands dirty are chomping at the bit to get in the garden, but I’m afraid it’s months away. I am going to share with you a secret hidden gem for a bad case of the Februarys. Shhh…….it’s the Wellesley College Botanic Garden, just outside Boston, for some guaranteed relief and a little hit of green.
In the desert garden
The many greenhouses are connected and represent different Eco-systems from the deserts of Mexico and Africa to the rain forests of Malaysia and Brazil. The collection of plants is lush and expansive, and one of the most diverse in the Boston area.
Old Woman Cactus-Mammillaria Hahniana
A visit to the desert house will have you marveling at the armor Mother Nature has given to some of the cacti.
Veltheima Liliacaea-native to South America
Under 7,490 square feet of glass, you’ll find roughly 600 species of plants.
The greenhouse is maintained with organic fertilizers, compost tea and beneficial insects. A green roof is planted with native species. The botanic garden is constantly working to improve their carbon footprint.
This Bird of Paradise was definitely the Belle of the Ball! What a glorious site with 6′ foot high snow banks outside.
Acalypha Wilkesiana
Love the Lacey edge along this leaf. It reminds me of Victorian collars.
Pitcher Plant
For you out of towners, take a virtual tour of some of the plants and greenhouse rooms here. The Margaret C.Ferguson Greenhouses also offers courses, a certificate program and tours in the beautiful location designed to promote environmental awareness. In addition, there is a great little restaurant on campus where you can grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat. Enjoy!
  1. The Bird of Paradise is beautiful. We have several growing in our garden, not in flower right now though and never surrounded by snow – it must be quite a sight.