A Week’s Worth of Meatless Mondays

Mar 2011
Last week I really needed some recipe inspiration.  My first year away from meat  has been challenging, educational and most of all rewarding.  Since I am fairly new to this genre,  the occasional nudge is welcome.  The Huffington Post gave us a 24 recipe hit list from Food52 and every one of my choices for the week made the mark.  Their web site is super user friendly, and I love the side gadget where you can view how many people are viewing a recipe live. 

First of all I was completely taken by the beauty of the ingredients from my shopping list.

My favorite recipe from the list was Mujaddara with Spiced Yogurt.  How can you go wrong with 6 cups of carmelized onions??
The lentils, yogurt and onions are rumored to create a healing elixir for women. Whatever the ‘powers’ of this dish, the flavors are beautifully tied together with the mint spiced yogurt topping.
The finished dish was full of flavor.  I had some butternut squash on hand which I roasted with olive oil and salt and pepper.  Added on top before serving it gave a nice contrast in texture to the dish. If you give any of them a try, let me know which was your favorite.