Weather Got You Down? Boston Day Trip to Stimulate the Senses

Dec 2012
This is from the archives February 2011.
I don’t know about you, but right about now i’m needing some green (although I could always use a bit more dinero-i’m talking tree green). 

An Abundance of Oranges

The Tower Hill Botanic Garden is just what I had in mind. About 40 minutes from Boston, in Boylston, MA. it was a great discovery full of visuals for the eye.  I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

Roman Style Pool
Inside the Orangerie

Camellias Ready to Burst
Ponderosa Lemon Tree
Inside the Limonaia
Inside the door of the Orangeria you are hit with a jolt of humid musty air.  It was just the blast I was looking for to take me on a mental journey south, out of the winter doldrums. 
There is a lovely cafe complete with fireplace for lunch, and a selection of educational programs with everything from aromatherapy,floral design and cooking to gardening and painting. Much of what is offered has an eco friendly vibe.  I look forward to visitng in good weather when I can take advantage of the expansive outdoor gardens and trails.