Travel to Eco Friendly Graine et Ficelle

Oct 2014

The idea of staying in one destination while on vacation is becoming more and more appealing to me. Since the start of Green With Renvy, it’s getting harder and harder to take off my blogging hat and get into vacation mode. Balance is something I am striving for. When {notice I did not say IF } I get to this stage, I would love to  travel to eco friendly Graine et Ficelle,  a perfect B&B to taste the pleasures of all that the Côte d’Azur has to offer.

I love everything about this space.  The fact that you can plan a vacation around it with side trips, puts it into the dreamy category! Some interiors just capture my spirit, the accessories, cool concrete floor, doors opening onto the courtyard, warm and inviting with plenty of textiles from the owner’s travels.


Situated in the country, at the foot of the Baou of St Jeannet,France, it is 15 km from the Nice International Airport. Graine &  Ficelle invites you to come and take part in the fun of the  farm. Aside from the natural interior spaces, there are cooking classes, amazing food fresh from the garden and a range of natural products and activites for adults and children. Local schools are often invited to visit and a myriad of workshops are offered. Graine-Ficelle-france

Built from the ground up by its owner, this French farmhouse is a piece of heaven for those who want to rediscover the magic of the area surrounding the French Riviera. Respect for the environment was a top design priority. Graine et Ficelle is a farmhouse transformed into a charming bed and breakfast by the owners, set in the countryside available to accommodate individual guests or a family reunion. Taking three years to complete the renovation, the 2,798 square foot house is spacious and bright, with minimalist elements and an aged look throughout.


Furnishings of wood and iron perfectly compliment the the natural colors and hues of the soft materials.  A large double living room sets the stage. There is an office, kitchen, cellar and four bedrooms all featuring luxurious bathrooms. One has an a private kitchen and access to a unique garden.  Guest rooms open onto the garden and outdoor space featuring spectacular views over the valley and the sea beyond. An impressive setting where guests are served a gourmet breakfast.



Although they really had me smitten with their hangtag-a farm visited with pleasure…the outdoor showers sealed the deal. Graine-Ficelle-france

Emphasis was placed on the 700 square foot kitchen. This is  the heart of the owner’s passion, to bring in all the delicacies from the garden for meals as well as the cookery workshops. Enjoy a glass of wine while learning the specialties of the land in this inspiring space. Cooking classes can be arranged on the farm to take advantage of all the fresh bounty of the area. Preparation is for three courses and then of course a delicious meal follows.

The farmhouse can be rented in its entirety at a rate of $4,168 – $4,950, or you can stay here for the night at a rate of approximately $200 with breakfast.

All photos via Graine et Ficelle.

  1. anna parker says:

    Alison – if you don’t have the time, i’ll happily visit it and feedback! I love the look of this – Cote d’Azur is so full of diamonds and gold leaf, that this is exactly what the area needs. What a fantastic find!

  2. Oh Alison, imagine staying here for an extended period of time. It’s so beautiful, you wouldn’t want to leave. It’d be so much fun to go with a group of girlfriends and do the cooking course. Heaven.

    By the way, I answered your question about the meringues, here’s the link

    I’d love you to give them another go the tips I mentioned should help, let me know if I can help further.

  3. What an inviting retreat and place to visit! I agree with your comment about “loving everything about this space!” Far from being intimidating, this place feels harmonious and homey with an emphasis on comfort and ease.

  4. Well Alison, as they say it’s tough at the top! 🙂 What a hard job to visit this wonderful place. The interiors are lovely and the setting is perfect. I also love the idea of cookery classes.

  5. We luv the looks of this place too! (especially the outdoor shower) And the nightly rate is quite reasonable too (luxury goes affordable).

  6. It’s absolutely perfect! Can we all go? And a cooking course here would be spot on….
    Better still, can I buy the whole farmhouse and move in? I love everything about it!