Trash into Treasure

May 2011

I often find myself thinking about how our thought process works and how the mind segues from one idea to the next.  How seeing the color of a bud on a tree can inspire a color scheme for a room, or how looking at a pink plastic bottle and  seeing beauty and illumination in a room.  So with that in mind, today I went from plastic shampoo bottle in the recycling bin –>Cinco de Mayo –>memories of Heath Nash and his colorful lights. When I first saw the work of South African Designer Heath Nash several years ago, he was at the forefront of recycling another persons trash into treasures.  Being a pioneer in the industry, the collecting, cleaning and cutting of 100’s of bottles quickly overwhelmed his desire to design.  After going thru many incarnations with his business, it seemed like he settled into a working relationship with Poise in Capetown and is still at work keeping plastic out of landfills and making the incredible light fixtures he is known for.

Cinco de Mayo always makes me think of celebrations and bright colors, and I suppose that is what brought me back to Heath’s work.  You never know who might stop by GreenWithRenvy today and be inspired to make additional Trash into Treasures.