‘Tis the Luck of the Irish

Mar 2016

You can’t help but think of Ireland on St. Patricks Day. Even though St. Patrick wasn’t Irish-yes you read that right-you can brush up on some of the day’s history and learn everything you ever wanted to know about shamrocks, snakes and the Saint. Oh yes, the day is all about the luck of the Irish.

luck of the Irish
  • Is Ireland on your bucket list? Then make sure you don’t miss any of these 15 highlights from the Emerald Isle  I discovered on a recent trip.
  • While you’re at it, you’ll want to stay connected driving through the winding roads. Make sure to read this hilarious account of my friend Suzanne’s driving experience there. She had me in stitches, mostly because it was so similar to ours. Did I mention we lost a hubcap in the first 5 hours?
  • No doubt Dublin will be on your itinerary. If so, take my advice and stay at the luxurious and centrally located Fitzwilliam Hotel.
  • Have you seen the newest Star Wars movie-The Force Awakens? Part of the film was made in the most magnificent of Irish locations-Skellig Michael.
  • Thinking green, then how about adding a few sustainable lifestyle choices to your spring shopping.
  • A little piece of Irish lore that might be new to your holiday knowledge.
  • A fantastic list of green recipes from a favorite food blogger you’ve heard me sing the praises of before are sure to make your day lucky.
  • And the #1 Place to celebrate St. Patricks Day in the US is….You guessed it-Boston.


So raise your green beer, grab a bit of potato and cheers-or as they say in Ireland-Sláinte!

  1. So ironic to think that St. Patrick wasn’t Irish :-). Oh well, we still think all things Irish when it comes to today!