The Lyman Conservatory Welcomes Spring

Apr 2013
I know how anxious New Englanders are to see spring arrive. Even the trees seems ready to burst into bloom. Recently I stumbled across the Spring Bulb Show at Smith College while attending my daughter’s lacrosse game. What an unexpected delight I have to share.

The Lyman Conservatory has been bringing the plants of the world to New England and sharing the plants of New England with the world for over 100 years.

One of the few remaining plant conservatories in the United States with the greenhouses dating from 1895, the spring bulb show has been taking place for close to 100 years.

The grounds of the campus are just as lovely as the flowers in the greenhouses, and pay homage to Frederick Law Olmstead, who also designed the New York and Boston park systems.

photo by Katherine McClellan via Smith College Archives

Although a FEW things have changed at the college, the Botanic Garden and Lyman Conservatory serve as a living museum of plants native to New England and different ecosystems from around the globe.