The Hotel Palomar-Keeping it Local in Philly

Oct 2013
This art deco gem is the only LEED Gold certified hotel in the city of Philadelphia, and as a guest at the Hotel Palomar, I was thrilled to see the effort made by  Kimpton to give the hotel a local feel.  When I walk into a hotel’s lobby, I want to have a sense of the location I am visiting.  I’m a big fan of Kimpton’s philosophy to have every hotel tell a distinct story.  Whether I’m traveling for business or pleasure, my days are usually packed with activities, so when I get back to the room, I want to feel connected to my destination.Photo via Hotel Palomar

While I’m pretty good at sussing out a comfortable, clean spot, it can be difficult to know how local the hotel will be until you arrive.  Using artwork and and furniture made by area residents definately gets bonus points.  Can you guess if I had a smile on my face when we checked in and saw Benjamin Franklin peering over our shoulder?

The story for Hotel Palomar is Art in Motion and this is evident right from the start with this sculpture from a local artist hanging in the lobby.

The room was luxurious and full of details I’ve come to recognize when staying at a Kimpton property, and who doesn’t love a faux tiger robe hanging in their closet?   The public space was filled with accents that connected it with the history the city of Philadepphia is known for.

It was hip and chic at the same time without being over the top, and a sense of humor was evident in more than one spot in the building.

This is the elevator’s interior. They all had a different theme.

How lovely after a day of walking the streets to come back to a wine hour and relax in front of the fireplace before getting ready for dinner.

Having an adjacent restaurant that features small makers and produce from the area is another way to make a connection.  Square 1682 does just that with their menu.  What luck to be there during restaurant week,  here was an opportunity to try several courses during lunchtime.  High marks all around. The bar was voted #1 Hotel Bar by USA Today.

Localizing a hotel by featuring artwork that is familiar and related to the history and culture of a destination is one way for hotels to differentiate themselves and make guests feel right at home.  Combining that with a eco-friendly practices and a restaurant that features a local and seasonal menu makes Hotel Palomar a winner in my book, and a place I’d love to call home for a few nights again.

And if you’re so inclined, they have bikes available for their guests!

Green With Renvy partnered with VisitPhilly for this trip to Philadelphia.
  1. Janice Chung says:

    Beautiful place. I didn’t realize Kimpton’s philosophy was to have each of their hotels tell a different story. So nice not to have a “cookie cutter” hotel that’s boring! Wish you had shown a picture of the faux tiger bathrobe!

    • alison says:

      I’ve only stayed in a few of the Kimptons Janice, but each one has it’s own unique character and reflects the location. Great brand.

  2. Alison, I think I would LOVE the Hotel Palomar. It looks like a great choice, as I, too, love it when a property features what’s special and local about its locale. And any place with “Wine Hour” sounds double good to me!

    • alison says:

      Really was a nice stay Doreen and they bend over backwards to help guests take advantage of their location (i.e. the bikes available in Philadelphia) I wouldn’t hesitate to stay in a Kimpton anywhere!

  3. What a lovely property! We stayed in a Kimpton in Miami and really enjoyed it. Just read this morning that Kimpton was rated the #1 hotel chain for employees to work~