The Dadar Flower Market Mumbai

Jun 2014
I might sometimes sing the praises of the land of neutrals, but truth be told, I am really a lover of color. Always have been, and probably always will be. Don’t get me wrong, I like soft and soothing tones in a spot where you sleep, but when I look around the environment I have created for myself and my family, it is filled with the memories of our travels; textiles fashioned from yarns handwoven in rich hues, photos of brightly dressed people and artwork capturing the colors and techniques of artists from all parts of the globe.
Marigold at flower market, Mumbai, India.
It was not so long ago that I found myself in India exploring the flower markets of Dadar in Mumbai.  You might have read about it featured in Leaf Magazine in a story on Flower Markets of the World.  The colors in that country were off the charts.  It is one of my favorite places on earth, and I often relive my trips while sorting through photos.  I allow the images to Take Me There.

Flower vendor at Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India.

Visiting local markets is always a high priority when I travel, and the Dadar Flower Market was no exception.  The country celebrates occasions with over the top displays of flowers, especially temple celebrations and weddings, so I knew I was in for a treat.  It did not disappoint.
Flower vendor in Mumbai, India.
The jasmine garlands are woven as a form of welcome when you arrive in the country.  Just the jolt needed after the 24 hours of travel necessary for us to arrive in Mumbai.

Handcrafting flower garlands at the Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India

The heady fragrance and brilliant colors were intoxicating, but I found the real fascination to be the vendors who were busy constructing garlands worn by the brides, grooms, temple gods and politicians.  These handcrafted beauties were meticulously strung together like beads onto cotton thread in the most creative combinations.

handcrafting flower garlands at the Dadar flower market, Mumbai, India

India’s love affair with flowers is big business, and the opportunity to chat with the proud and clever craftsmen hard at work was integral to visiting the Dadar Market.  It is not something which has faded in any way from my memory.
  1. I second visting local markets when you travel! I find there are lots of photographic opportunities and you get a good insight into what local people get up to. This flower market looks like no exception and so vibrant and full of colour, too… lovely! 🙂

    • alison says:

      This market was really for businesses, but I insisted on going, and was so glad I did. It was perfectly fine for us to walk around there and made me look at off-the-tousist track a lot differently.

  2. noel says:

    Wow that is very colorful, i love visiting markets like this and taking lots of photos 🙂

  3. I’m just blown away by the huge amount of cut flowers. How long do they last in these basket with the high temps? I didn’t think they had enough area to grow so many flowers, although one Jasmine shrub would have quite a collection. I can’t begin to imagine the fragrance coming from these shops.

    • alison says:

      The fragrance was very heady, and at times overwhelming Neva. The building where most of the flowers were was quite dark and had lots of fans going. Out on the street in the small stalls however, the heat was pretty intense. Unlike me, most of these blossoms must thrive in the high temperatures.

  4. Love these pics, Alison! And you are so right in that fresh markets nearly are always filled with vibrant colours and smells that excite and inspire us. Most of nature’s colours are indeed bold and beautiful.

    • alison says:

      I think markets have grown dramatically as travel points of interest. It’s great as the more people that see food in the “raw” the better.