Tangerine Tango Visits a Mood Board

Dec 2011

Yesterday I introduced you to Pantone’s 2012 Color of the YearTangerine Tango.  Today, I thought it would be interesting to look at Mood Boards, one of the methods designers use to put together ideas for a collection.  They are a helpful process for clients as well.  Tear sheets from magazines, color swatches and paint chips can sharpen your focus and pull together a lot of different concepts to form a cohesive presentation. You don’t have to necessarily love everything in a photo, just circle the idea that speaks to you. 

pantone mood board

Inspiration can some from so many different resources.  Color forecasters visit trade shows, observe the natural world and investigate the impact of popular culture to cull information for trendsetting color directions.  What we are eating, design trends and artisanal elements all contribute to the final product. My mood board for Tangerine Tango includes tear sheets, a fabric swatch, handmade paper, silk ribbon, a piece of a family heirloom quilt, a tassel and glittered fruit.

moodboard collage black-1

Travel has always been influential with my inspiration.  Below I have put together an assortment of photos from trips which in my minds eye could have influenced the choice of Tangerine Tango.

moodboard india2 black

And finally, objects from my everyday life could have contributed at one time or another to  my choice of a tangerine accent: a favorite scarf, fruit, a card from a friend’s travel, food from the pantry and bits of a decaying flower.

moodboard inspiration scarf2

Inspiration is everywhere and I hope you have enjoyed my styling journey illustrating how I might have arrived at my own Tangerine Tango color selection.

Tomorrow an inexpensive DIY treat for the holiday table featuring-you guessed it- a variation on Tangerine Tango.

All photos from Alison Abbott except Bhutan photo courtesy of Linda Wisnewski.