Take Me There-Palais Namaskar

Dec 2014

Take me there-to Palais Namakser.

take me there palais namaskar

Harper-You must visit the Palais over the holidays. Once here, you’ll understand why they were voted The Best Hotel in Africa. Everything exudes luxury, you’ll love the organic culinary specialties by their master chef. It’s a perfect spot for your New Years cleanse-sports and wellness escapes in complete harmony with nature. You can thank me when we meet again. hugs+kisses                                      alison

Moorish design and soothing pools are surrounded by the beauty of the Atlas mountains. Garden paths snake through 12 acres of grounds. The panorama is breathtaking and the retreat will restore your energy and stimulate your senses. Fen Shui design principles capture tranquility: water, fire, wind, wood and metal provide balance, all in the background of the Palmeraie oasis.


  1. I’ll join you! Sounds wonderful and that picture is so inviting.