Take Me There-Bagan

Mar 2014

Step off the plane and you have stepped back in time. Horse and ox drawn carriages, a dusty countryside of temples, pagodas and stupas, dripping with bougainvillea, history and a simple way of life. Surreal is the word that comes to mind.  Located on the Irwaddy River, my mind is still swimming from a day spent time traveling thru 800 years to the 11 th and 12th centuries. Truly a special place.              xo, alison

Bagan temple pagoda


View the ancient ruins from a hot air balloon ,  visit markets and a trip to Mt. Popa. Take a peek inside a gorgeous eco lodge, see candy and peanut butter being made and visit some very creative locals.  Learn about Nat worship, the power of superstition and take a sunset cruise down the Irwaddy River. It’s all part of the upcoming posts on Green With Renvy.