Take Advantage of a Snag-10 Ways to Recycle Stockings

Oct 2011

DIY Wednesday-The Hosiery market is close to a 20 billion dollar industry!  I don’t think anything I have in my closet has a shorter shelf life.  I’ve become adept at making other uses for all those snagged hose that seems to accumulate.  So think twice before you toss the next pair in the trash.

Here are 10 ways to re-use those legs:

  • When travelling, use them over shoes.  Cut to size, they keep your footwear scuff free and your clothes dirt free.
  • Keep all those annoying too small pieces of soap in the bottom of a leg. When you’ve accumulated a bar size amount, snip off, tie a knot and use it in the shower.
  • Tie a bar of soap into the middle of a leg and use it in the shower –pulling from side to side-as a great way to scrub your back.
  • Store your Dahlia bulbs, or any other bulb you have to dig out every year.  Store in a cool dry place. The fabric of the hose will keep the air circulating and keep them from rotting.
  • They can be an excellent strainer for paint which will get lumpy over time.
  • Stake plants, the flexibility of the hose grows as your plants do.
  • A leg makes great storage for architectural drawings or maps.
  • We are always using ice packs in our house for some sort of muscle aches and pains.  The leg is a flexible wrap that can hold the ice pack in place.
  • Use a leg as a draft catcher.  Fill with rice and tie off the ends.  Put under doors where you feel the winter chill.  {here are more detailed instructions}
  • And #10-this I think is genius-place a foot over the end of a vacuum cleaner and use down the drain, behind radiators etc. where you have lost something.  The stocking will prevent the item from getting sucked into dust ball purgatory.

I bet {hope} you’ll never look at a torn nylon the same way again! Do you have any other ideas for me to add?

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