Sustainable Lifestyle Love for Clean Air

Feb 2018

Love is in the air and I am always looking for a clever gift for my honey that goes a bit beyond chocolates. My favorite find for Valentines this year? A sustainable lifestyle choice that demonstrates your love by giving back to Mother Earth in an impactful way. These gifts are perfect for anyone who supports a healthy environment and wants to reduce greenhousegases.

Valentine love with sustainable lifestyle


Say I love you to your sweetie as well as the planet with a carbon reduction project from Cool Effect.  If you are here reading Green with Renvy, I am sure like myself, you are concerned about carbon emissions. After traveling to most of the destinations involved in these projects, I can assure you that they will all make a difference in the environment and the effects of climate change.

Cool Effect – a premier destination for world-class and carefully selected carbon reduction projects – recently launched its new gift center so it’s easier than ever for people to gift their sweethearts something that gives back to Mother Earth.


Sustainable Lifestyle + Happy Health, Happy Heart

There’s nothing sexier than a generous heart, especially when it helps provide cleaner and safer home environments around the globe.  The Happy Health, Happy Heart bundle supports clean cookstove projects around the globe. Cleaner air means better health. In addition to the more thematic gift pack, there are several other themed options outlined below – there’s something for everyone.

Costa Rica-The Big Fan

Costa Rica has always been known as and ecofriendly getaway. Their Pura Vida Life supports a sustainable lifestyle. Blow your loved one away with a gift that has the power to energize  the earth. The Big Fan giftpack supports the creation of renewable energy and jobs by funding the construction of wind turbines in Costa Rica. Through this project 50,000 people will receive power and 11,000 tonnes of carbon emissions will be saved. It’s a gift that’s sure to impress anyone who lives a sustainable lifestyle and is the perfect way to tell them that you’re their biggest fan.

Skiers Delight-The Snowman Gift Pack

Melt a loved one’s heart with a gift that has a lasting impact. The Snowman gift pack helps to save our snowmen from melting away by supporting projects that cool our earth and reduce carbon pollution. This gift pack supports all Cool Effect projects across the globe to fight climate change. You’ll be helping provide clean cookstoves for kids in Uganda, protecting the rainforest in Madagascar, and be supporting the construction of renewable wind power in Costa Rica. It’s a gift that is sure to warm their hearts.

Green With Renvy Favorite ♥ The Poo Package

Sacred cows in India

As I start my 6th trip to India, I can especially relate to this project. Cows are sacred here, and as such, roaming freely everywhere. With that comes their poop, a powerful source for energy in this country. The Poo Package might sound like a punchline but it’s a powerful gift that supports a very real environmental project. The gift pack benefits the Community Biogas Project which helps family farmers in India build biogas digesters to turn animal waste into clean, usable energy. You’ll be giving a gift that not only reduces harmful methane emissions but also helps to power communities in India, it’s a gift that doesn’t stink.

Closer to Home-The Cuckoo Combo

What’s the perfect gift for the outdoors lover in your life? How about the gift of clean air? TheCuckoo Combo is a gift pack that any environmental lover is sure to be crazy about. The gift pack supports efforts to capture methane and reduce nitrous oxide emissions while generating income for local communities. This gift helps to support the Native American Methane Capture Project in Colorado and the Mississippi-based Nitrous Oxide Abatement initiative, which both work to improve air quality and reduce earth-warming emissions.

For the Coffee Lover-A Brew-tiful Gift

Sustainable lifestyle coffee

Traveling in the Amazon region of Peru recently with AdventureSmith Explorations was an eyeopening experience. Along with an appreciation for the indigenous culture, from the air we could clearly see that forest areas have been decimated by deforestation. Give a Brewtiful Gift that will support efforts to reduce logging in coffee growing regions. This gift pack funds the Alto Mayo rainforest project which protects nearly 450,00 Peruvian acres from deforestation. While it also contributes to reducing, firewood use in Honduras by nearly 50 percent by providing clean cookstoves to local families. It’s a gift that any coffee lover can appreciate.


Along with a clever origami design for your purchase, Cool Effect will send a certificate to your loved one describing the sustainable lifestyle selection.

Sustainable lifestyle gifts

So there you have it. A bevy of selections that make gift giving a breeze as well as supporting the environment at the same time. These sustainable lifestyle gifts would really work any time of year, so make sure to bookmark the page and take advantage of these unique offerings year round.


  1. Brilliant ideas, I think many people are over the commercialisation of valentine’s Day and don’t want to buy more crap that has no purpose and these are so much more meaningful.

  2. Some excellent and meaningful gifts here. We’re heading to Costa Rica this year and I’m looking forward to learning more about Pura Vida Life.

  3. What a fabulous collection of gifts. And how could receiving a Poo Package not put a smile on your face? Although I guess at first they might just look confused, much to the amusement of the giver no doubt!

  4. Lucy says:

    Such a nice idea – I always try to give experiences as presents where I can and this is extra special as you’re doing good too.