Survivng Tax Day with a Little Green

Apr 2012
Here’s an oldy, but goody to help you through the rest of the weekend & get your taxes done.

Not sure I can guarantee you a refund…but why not take advantage of fun, well designed eco friendly products to help you get through the process ?    
A. From Remarkable, clever notebooks made from recycled paper and tires.   B. Follow Your Heart Paperweight to hold down all those receipts, carved from river stones in Leogane, Haiti.  Sales provide economic freedom for artisans and their families in a country that needs all our support.  C. Giving new meaning to Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees , expired US currency goes into these #2 pencils from 4Imprint. Don’t think the IRS will accept them in lieu of payment!  D. Easy to SEE why I’ve been a big fan of ICU Eyewear ever since I started extending my arms to read the paper.  As a matter of fact, you can find a pair of their glasses in several rooms in my house!  They are an industry leader in developing the process to use reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo in their stylish designs. E. Re-usable coffee cup  and F. French roasted fair trade organic chocolate covered coffee beans to take you thru the 4 o’clock slump. G.  Organizing you and your mileage for next year, Kate’s Paperie offers a recycled leather and paper journal in a hue of colors to fit any mood.  Good Luck and E-file to save paper!