Super Bowl Round Up

Jan 2015

How’s this for someone not paying attention. When I was given the date for my Global Entry interview, I thought the lone Sunday early evening slot was a bit odd, but the next appointment wasn’t for two more months, so sign up I did. Guess who’s missing the Super Bowl and the hubs is non to pleased.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t share a few pieces of armchair travel from the week, so the rest of you can enjoy your Sunday night with a Super Bowl round up.

  •  This is a weekend made for dips and Eat Boutique, one of my favorite food blogs, has a great roundup of crowd pleasers.
  • Buffalo Wings-you have to admit it’s mostly about the sauce right? So this vegan version will have all the carnivores in the group smacking their lips. If you loved my cauliflower steaks, you’ll be thanking me for these.
  • These healthy zucchini fries are a riff on their much more calorie and cargo loaded cousin. Another great vehicle for the aforementioned dips.
  • I’m a big tempeh fan. While everyone is crunching their wings, I think this barbecued tempeh caesar wrap from Flourishing Foodie looks pretty darn delicious.
  • And then there are those of us that will pretend the game is exciting while doing a little armchair travel under the radar. If you promise not to tell, Afar shares a Wanderlist of 19 Secret Spots.
  • Are you are a fan of sardines? With tapas being a popular trend in the foodie world, I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of these little treats. You’ll want to read this story about the crisis going on within the sardine population.
  • I’m headed to Cuba next month and I hope I’ll get the chance to see the Sea Cliffs of Varadero. Actually I know I probably won’t, but they sure are pretty!

And besides, i’m sure i’ll make it home in time for Katy Perry’s half time show. I only pay attention to the commercials anyway………..Happy Weekend folks!


  1. Hi Alison: your suggestions sound like great additions to any Super Bowl menu! Although I’d not previously heard of tempeh. I’m assuming it’s much like tofu?

    Enjoy Cuba and Varadero. It’s a beautiful country rich in culture, and Varadeto has one of the nicest beaches you’ll ever find.

    • alison says:

      Doreen-Tempeh has a much different texture, more like a grain. The flavor is nutty, earthy and I think delicious.It’s a fermented soy product and a good source of protein for those of us not eating meat.