Stonyfield Fuels My Daily Marathon

Apr 2014

Our city is still basking in the afterglow of the Boston Marathon. It was a proud moment for all who participated in the celebration.  As you might know, Stonyfield was the official yogurt sponsor of the 2014 race.   I’d call that a perfect match, as I  find  many ways to use their greek yogurt to fuel my daily marathon at home.

stonyfield fuels my daily marathon

Whether I’m just starting the day, or  looking for a relaxing, healthy late night snack, greek yogurt is on the menu.


As a starter, yogurt with a bit of fruit and granola often begins my family’s daily routine.


For lunch I might have falafel with a tzatziki sauce made from Stonyfield greek yogurt.  The meal is a great source of protein for someone who doesn’t eat meat.

meatless monday lentil stew

Greek yogurt has become my go to thickening ingredient for soups, sauces or batters. A hearty lentil stew for dinner tastes even better with a dollop of greek yogurt intensifying the creaminess of the flavor profile.

yogurt fuels my daily marathon

However my family and I choose to eat yogurt, I know it is adding fuel to my daily marathon. The result is that life feels a little less like I’m running a race, and a lot more like i’m working towards a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.


As a Stonyfield Yogetter, Green With Renvy  received compensation for this post.  As always, opinions are 100% my own. 

  1. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous! I want to try that falafel right about now.