A Snow Dill-ema Solved

Feb 2011
Chi Chi Jane Remix
My very dear friend Jane called to congratulate me on the launch of Green With Renvy and then later sent me an email. Her tale was one of woe…she had been trying all day to get rid of an area of ice along the walkway to her house. To no avail, the ice was getting the better of her. Just try and imagine that babe to the left with a shovel! Then quite by accident, she spilled some pickle juice, and lo and behold the ice melted. ‘You must include this in your blog, its certainly a GREEN solution to all those chemicals and salt they are throwing down everywhere!’
 Personally, I thought she was pulling my leg! Today, I almost fell off my rocker when I read Joanna Weiss’ column in the Boston Globe and she mentioned the pickle remedy! As it turns out, one cash strapped N.J. county is using the concoction to melt the snow on their roads.
According to Joe Crifasi of Bergen County Public Works, they decided on this solution to solve a budget issue.  The brine apparently costs 7 cents
per gallon compared to $63.00/ton for the salt.  Not quite sure how to do the math on this one, but it must be less if someone in the government decided to use it-RIGHT!  Seems like Bergen County poured themselves out of one cold and snowy pickle…
Says it all!