Shouldn’t Every Day be Earth Day

Apr 2012

There are so many examples of environmental awareness growing around the world. While I salute the approaching celebration of Earth Day, I look forward to a time when the priority of investing in the future of our planet is an every day occurrence for most of the world’s population.

Here a solar panel stands on the roof of a house in Halliberu, India on January 11, 2012. Across India and Africa, startups and mobile phone companies are developing so-called microgrids, in which stand-alone generators power clusters of homes and businesses in places where electric utilities have never operated. (Kuni Takahashi/Bloomberg)

April 22 will mark the 42nd Earth Day worldwide, now observed in 175 countries. In the United States, the Clean Water and Clean Air Acts resulted from the original grass-roots environmentalism.This article from features 35 images from around the world illustrating some surprising efforts to improve alternative sources of energy.