September Armchair Travel No.20

Sep 2015

Hello September. How did you arrive so quickly? It feels like yesterday we were just putting away our snow shovels and getting ready for spring. I’m more than a bit sad to watch the last official weekend of summer roll in. We’re all counting on good weather and lots of outdoor activity, but just incase Mother Nature has other ideas, I wanted to send you some September Armchair Travel this holiday weekend.

September Armchair Travel
  • Fascinating read about the off the grid independent village of Matavenero in the northwest area of Spain. I even feel a bit odd writing about them, as i’m sure when the word gets out travelers will change their Utopia.
  • Speaking of undiscovered places, the upcoming movie from Maptia about Afghanistan~Wakhan~is going to be something very special indeed.
  • It’s that time of year for fabulous stargazing. Nantucket is one of the best places to search the skies. As a matter of fact, the island, 30 miles out to sea is the darkest astronomical spot on the east coast. The list from Afar for Epic stargazing Destinations is none too shabby either.
  • A remarkable conservation success story, the graceful Great Egret was saved from the brink of disappearance in Hungary, early in the 1920’s. Who doesn’t love to read a conservation success story; this lovely bird now stands strong with numbers reaching over 6,000.
  • Exciting news in Boston, where the city has opened the only year round Public Market in the country to feature local New England vendors exclusively. The results are mouth watering!
  • Cat lovers are a unique bunch and if anyone deserves an Instram page of cats being Trumped it would be the Donald. Good for a laugh.
  • From Iceland to Costa Rica, just in case you need a little eye candy, here are some of the coolest swim up bars in the world.
  • I am always working hard on my photography skills. The 2015 National Geographic Photography winners are awe inspiring. Top winner Whale Whisperers is positively otherworldly.

Beach weekend

You won’t want to miss upcoming posts which will include:

  • The mysterious and oh, so dreamy Civita di Bagnoregio, an interesting place trying to survive the ravages of erosion.
  • A few things I never thought would pass my lips in Costa Brava…
  • Plans for an upcoming trip to Ireland this fall.
  • The best, most over the top meal I’ve ever eaten, that just happened to take place in a former monastery deep in a forest.
  • And finally the start of my Passport Envy series-Interviews from passionate people you’ll surely want to meet.

So i’ll be heading to the beach this Labor Day-soaking up the perfect September sun. How will you be spending the last slice of summer?

Weekend Travel

  1. Great post! We will be soaking up some Seattle sights. We have just moved here for 6 months.We have visited for years, but living here will kick it up a notch. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

    • alison says:

      Thanks Suzanne, the same to you. I think you’ve taken such a unique approach to making a change in housing. Good luck on the renovation, 6 months will fly by before you know it!