Save #JustoneRhino and We All Win

Jan 2015

I have a dream to one day take my grandchildren on an African Safari. To see the Big Five– African lion, elephant and leopard, along with the Cape buffalo and White/Black rhinoceros- along with my family would be the ultimate travel experience. It’s ironic that safari and wildlife tour operators have co-opted the term Big Five, as it originated with game hunters when discussing the most difficult and most dangerous animals to track and kill.  Hunting in fact could put an end to this particular dream of mine because killing of the Rhino has grown to epidemic proportions! If action is not taken, the Rhino could tragically become extinct before I ever see any grandchildren. That is why I have joined with over 120 of the world’s top travel bloggers in the #JustOneRhino campaign.

Photo via Beverly Joubert

#JustOneRhino is a fundraiser for the translocation of the endangered rhino from South Africa to the less populated Botswana where they can be placed in safe havens. Regulations and protection are much stricter in that part of the continent. Spearheaded by  Dereck and Beverly Jooubert, well known wildlife photographers who often partner with National Geographic, Rhinos Without Borders is committed to moving 100 rhinos at a cost of over 8 million dollars. The intention of Travelers Building ChangeGreen Travel Media and the Great Plains Foundation is to raise $45,000-the cost of relocating #JustOneRhino.

rhino #justonerhino beverly joubert

Photo by Beverly Joubert

Desperation is in the minds of conservationists. Late in 2014,  a Northern White Rhino died in US captivity; now there are only 5 left in the world, none found in the wild. A month ago the Rhino was in the news again, as the rhino hunt of a Dallas club was finally called into question by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. Imagine paying $325,000 to win the privilege of killing a black rhino in Namibia. Hunting and killing an endangered animal under the auspices of fundraising is not exactly my idea of conservation. To date no decision has been made by the government.

slaughtered Rhino

Photo via Beverly Joubert

Poachers have been increasing their killing of  Rhinos at an alarming rate-over 1000 deaths a year in both 2013 and 2014. While researching, I read the heartbreaking story of  Thandi, a rhino that had been poached {along with 2 others who had died} using a dart gun. As she wandered around aimlessly with half her face hacked off, it was captured on video by a game reserve. Somehow, with the help and love of rangers, she was nursed back to health and survived. It graphically illustrates the brutality of the poaching epidemic. In some cultures it is believed the horn can cure all kinds of diseases. Yara Coelho wrote a compelling post about Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it relates to the poaching. The horn can fetch more per ounce than the price of gold, with larger horns commanding over a million dollars. Arrests of the illegal poachers has remained static, conservationists are losing the battle, and at the current rate, without a drastic change, the animal will be extinct in the wild within a very short time. .

Now for some good news!

With over $30,000 in prizes, this is a great opportunity to win the trip of a lifetime along with other great prizes listed below. For those who donate via Travelers Building Change $20.00 will give you 10 chances to win, $30.00 – 20 chances and so on. 100% of the proceeds raised will go to #JustOneRhino. We’ve had some awesome sponsors who have donated amazing opportunities.


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After you make your donation, you will be sent an email asking for your top 3 choices in the raffle. Won’t you join in and help us succeed in this campaign?  Save these beautiful, prehistoric looking creatures before it’s too late.
  1. What a worthwhile cause. The poaching problem in many countries in Africa is so very sad.

  2. I think to solve the issue of poaching in Africa one has to change the way of thinking at the place of the demand for such products. Which will be very difficult. But as long as Asians (mostly Chinese) believe in the “benefits” of potions based on rhino horn or elephant tusks the prices will remain high. You restrict poaching in Africa, demand remains at current level, and prices will go up, so poaching is becoming more attractive.

    • alison says:

      There are certainly arguments to legalize the trade Juergen, but It has not worked in attempts with ivory and I don’t think will satisfy the needs of the poachers. It is a complicated tragedy and I hope we can be a small part of the solution. Building awareness is key/

  3. Donna Janke says:

    A disturbing issue. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I wonder if there is something that can be done to replace the rhino horn in those cultures that believe it has healing power.

  4. This is so sad. My best friend and her husband went on a Christmas holiday safari in South Africa and they saw a White Rhino on one of their treks. She said it was the highlight of their trip. Thanks for bringing awareness. This really needs to stop.

  5. katie says:

    All of the posts I have been reading on #justonerhino have seriously educated me about the issues that rhinos are facing. I honestly had no idea. To see that picture of the bloody rhino is heartbreaking. Thank you for participating in this, and for bringing awareness to this cause!

  6. Great read, love this post

  7. Thanks for taking up this cause and providing this information. The statistics are staggering. I’ll share this post and hope that the campaign reaches all of its goals.

  8. It is such a desperately sad situation for the rhinos. Every time I read something about them, it is worse than the last time.

  9. What a great cause, thank you for spreading the word.

  10. What a great cause – I hope that this gets funded, thanks for spreading and notifying us of this.

  11. Veronika says:

    It’s a great cause, so I’ll definitely donate something.

    Where I come from – the Czech Republic – a few years ago, a local zoo has returned 3 rhinos back into their former habitat in Tanzania. They’re doing good so far, being protected in a national park. There should be one more rhino returned there.

    So there are several initiatives, the more the better 🙂

  12. Revati says:

    That image is just so disturbing, but I’m glad that you put it up, not just the pretty sunsets and silhouettes. If this is what we need to shake us up into action, it works. Such a great initiative. Kudos to you!