Sari Chairs from Sundance

Jan 2012

The Indian Sari conjures up all kinds of exotic images.  Over 5000 years ago we find the first recorded reference with an old legend. Gambling, beauty and intrigue surround the story of Draupadi – wife of the Pandavas. The Lord Krishna promised to protect her virtue after she was lost to an enemy clan in a gambling debt. She was strategically wrapped in a diaphanous material, demurely, yet oh so seductive.  As her evil captors attempted to unwrap the fabric, they continued to pull, never reaching the end, and Draupadi’s sari saved her from unknown horrors.
Traditionally, the sari is made out of six yards of material that allows for generous pleating and draping around the body and over the shoulder. The diversity of the Indian people is reflected in the variety of materials used for a sari.  Different parts of the country have their own unique take on the draping. The variety of fabrics used is limitless as well.  The countries shimmering brightly colored silks and the softest of cottons all insure a riot of color when you travel throughout the country.

 Green Benazir Chair via Sundance Catalog

Sundance Catalog has put a unique spin on the sari fabric with a collection of one of a kind chairs.

sundance chair blue falanBlue Falan Sari Armchair via Sundance Catalog
sundance chair orange  Orange Sari Chair via Sundance Catalog

Their buyers have hand-picked vintage khadi cotton saris from India to upholster the chairs, and from the offering above, it is obvious they are sure to become a statement piece in any room! Patchwork combinations are unique to each chair, finished with a black welt on natural linen sides and back. Bolster pillow included. FSC®-certified maple frame with turned front legs, eight-way hand-tied spring and foam cushioning. Their eco-friendly construction is handmade in the US exclusively for Sundance and they are wetting my taste buds for the days ahead of me!