The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee-A Royal Redux

Jun 2012
The weekend somehow!!? got away from me, so I am going to leave my London hotel and eating guide to my week about the Olympics. Be sure to catch it, as I was surprised at how many great options there were for Eco- friendly travel.
The Queen gave us her best royal wave as she travelled down the Thames yesterday. Here are a few renditions of Her Majesty from artists turning trash into treasure. Enjoy…
Trudy Cook is a Melbourne based artist specialising in multi-media works featuring vintage Australian and European memorabilia products such as postage stamps and swap cards. Each work is original and individual based on the selection of memorabilia and subject matter. Her philosophy is founded on upcycling “the everyday” and appreciating its beautiful inherent qualities. All works are signed and dated. Many of the cancelled stamps have their own bit of history within the images.
British artist Jane Perkins creates beautiful works of art using everyday objects like marbles, toys or buttons picked up from recycling centers, second-hand shops and junkyards.Jane Perkins worked as a nurse for 17 years, in a London hospital, before she decided to explore her artistic talents and got a degree in textiles in 2006. For her graduation thesis the artist chose a topic that would later be associated with her name – “Recycled Materials in Art and Design”. She began her successful career by creating stylish brooches made with discarded jewelry, coins, sea shells and other found junk, but soon moved on to other more complex and impressive works.

Taking inspiration from Ecuadorian artists who take broken pieces of jewelry and implement them in original hair designs, and from the found objects themselves, Perkins creates colorful masterpieces exhibited all around the world. She loves to make art with an element of fun and unexpected and says she will use anything colorful that she can get her hands on. Luckily, Jane doesn’t have to scour second-hand shops and recycling centers as much as she used to, as people in her neighborhood learned about her art and began leaving bags of unwanted stuff on her doorstep.

Ann Carrington is an English artist who has previously been featured on Green With Renvy here. I first saw her work in a fabulous bathroom designed by the Novogratz Team of Sixx Design. A black and white version of the Queen’s portrait hung above a delicious soaking tub, and I was immediately smitten. Her work has included discarded safety pins, coins and other recycled materials to add texture and historical associations to the complexity of the work. In 2006, she created a 51-inch x 59-inch portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as it would appear on a postage stamp out of many thousands of gold buttons hand-sewn on red velvet.
It is difficult not to look at waste and consumption in an entirely different way after seeing the creative works of these talented artists! Take a look at the “stuff” in your life, who knows what might inspire your next endeavor!