Put a Cork In It-DIY Ideas for Wine Corks

Jan 2012

I’ve said before that the windows and display of Anthropologie never fail to inspire.  A recent visit turned up this wall they had decorated with wine corks.  I thought it was a genius idea, so simple, yet so effective.

anthro cork wall

The corks were cut to different heights and painted gold and silver.  It was very effective patterning.  The display team there is no stranger to the beauty of using up cycled corks in their windows.  Here are a few other examples:

plentyofcolour_anthrowindows_5Anthropologie Window via Plenty of Color


 plentyofcolour_anthrowindows26Photos of Anthropologies windows via Plenty of Color

The subtle coloring gradation of the forms makes me think of ocean waves.  This got me thinking about all the different ways you could recycle cork into household DIY projects.  I just happen to have an abundant collection.  Here are some ideas for you to try yourself:

cork wall artAnthropologie Wall Art via Life, Love Larson

 cork craftcutsMonogram via CraftCuts

cork craftyscientistDrawer Pulls from CraftyScientist

cork inhabitat Bath Mat from Inhabitat

cork trivet Nantucket Cork Trivet from Elizabeth Dougherty Design

cork realsimple Pin Cushion via Real Simple

cork tumblr The most adorable succulent planters from Tumblr

All of these ideas give you a great way to up cycle corks, while at the same time making a memory keeper for those special bottles of wine or champagne that you drank while celebrating the New Year, travelling the hills of Tuscany or toasting another special occasion.

Have you created a DIY project with corks? Send photos, I’ll add them in.