No Passport Required Block Island, Rhode Island

Aug 2013
Block Island is a refreshing summer hot spot  that still retains a lot of old school charm.  Almost half the island is conservation land, and you’ll find it is just as popular with families as it is with couples looking for a romantic getaway.
With over 30 miles of hiking trails and 17 miles of pristine beaches, The Block {as it is known} is a beautiful spot for weekend travel, to recharge and unplug.


Located almost equidistant from the shores of both Montauk and Rhode Island, the one-hour ferry ride is just enough time to indulge in the picnic lunch you’ve packed, and get excited about the days ahead.  Bikes are welcome on the ferry and a great way to get around the island {especially if your idea of pampering is a good workout in a beautiful setting}.



Coming from Boston, I booked the ride from Port Judith, a funky fishing town on the Rhode Island coast. There are other options available from the Block Island Ferry, as well as departures from New London, CT.  On the road in to Port Judith, there are several farm stands to load up on ingredients for the trip.


Rolling into the harbor, you immediately get the feel of the traditional  charm that you’ll find throughout the island.


There are many bed and breakfasts, as well as old world style hotels with big rambling porches.  Certainly you’ll find a range for every budget, but like any island in high season, you’ll pay a premium for the privilege in the summertime.


Gorgeous views, plenty of flora and fauna to keep your camera clicking and lots of Americana pop up throughout the island.


Southeast Lighthouse {above},  is one of two historic lighthouses that warned many a sailor about the treacherous rocks and sandbars found surrounding the island.  Unfortunately, the waters saw numerous shipwrecks in the early 1900’s.


And then there are the sunsets…Cocktail in hand, find yourself a good vantage point to view what will surely be a spectacular finish to the day you have spend exploring The Block.
Come back next time to see how I spent my weekend on the island.
  1. noel says:

    Wow, so Americana, love it, I’ve never heard to this island. I would definitely love to visit this region down the road.

  2. I’ve never heard of it either but it does sound (and look) lovely. This is a part of America that I’d particularly like to explore one day.

  3. Not a part of the world I know at all, but does indeed look like a great destination for families. And that sunset at the end… beautiful!