Plastic Bottle Caps and One Industrious Russian Pensioner

Sep 2012
30,000 bottle caps later, a very creative Russian septuagenarian has upcycled what could have been a trash heap nightmare into a mosaic super mural.

Organizing by color and design theme, Olga Kostina, created her local landmark in an isolated Russian town perched at the edge of the Taiga forest.

Using traditional macramé knotting design and weaving motifs, the pensioner has made the colorful cottage come to life over many years. Each of the plastic tops is hand nailed into the structure. It reminds me a bit of the Lite-brite designs I used to make with the kids.

She has even taken to brightening up other areas of the surrounding locale with her woodland animals. Since we all know how long plastic takes to break down-I’d say this is one design that’s here to stay!
Photo credits: Ilya Naymushinvia
  1. Beautiful story 🙂 Thank you!