Pay it Forward Friday:Boston’s Fresh Truck

Aug 2013
How cool would it be to have Mayor Tom Menino tweeting about your company?!
July 11th was the day that the innovative company, Freshtruck, made their first appearance in Boston. According to the Globe, the city has roughly 56 food trucks, up from just 15 in 2011. Founders Dan Clark and Josh Trautwein, two Northeastern alums, have dreamed up the perfect alternative to supermarkets;
They refer to the experience as a “Mobile Farmers Market.”

“Our core mission is to improve community health in areas not well served by supermarkets,” Trautwein said.  “It’s about equal access to healthy food.”

The company itself is incorporated as a for-profit Benefit Corporation, meaning they take society and the environment into account when making decisions. All of the profits made are re-invested back into the company. Their goal is to provide healthy options to communities with the least access to healthy alternatives. Customers can shop inside or outside the bus and choose from a variety fresh produce that is stocked daily.