Pay It Forward Friday with Secret Sandy

Dec 2012
Need a little Ho, Ho, Ho, in your life? There’s nothing like giving to others to warm the soul. Pay it Forward Friday visits with a grass roots gift giving program for victims of Hurricane Sandy-Secret Sandy.

As the holidays are right around the corner, children and families who have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy may need some extra help to celebrate this season.  In November, at the start of the season, Secret Sandy was created.  It is a Secret Santa type site for people who kindly want to donate and purchase presents for children in the Sandy-torn areas.  Their goal is to connect families who need assistance with individuals who want to spread joy and holiday cheer.
Want to participate and send gifts to show your support?
 Register at Secret Sandy and they’ll match you with a child whose family would greatly appreciate your generosity during this time of year.
Hurry-You must be registered by tomorrow {Saturday}.