Pay it Forward Friday with Rosie’s Place

Dec 2011

Rosie’s Place in Boston’s South End was established in 1974 and provides hope and nourishment for poor and homeless women.  An offshoot of that organization is the Women’s Craft Cooperative.  Since 1996, it has helped women thrive and attain independence thru creative work.  Using vintage buttons and Czech glass beads, staff and guests collaborate on a decorative line of accessories.  Their successful microenterprise features the original Button Brooches, barrettes, bracelets, bookmarks and other items.

rosie image of women2

 Staff and guests work together on their collection

How much better that the road to self sufficiency can be a creative one for these women. Empowerment and opportunity thru craft.
Two weeks ago, I started this column.  It will feature a company or non-profit trying to make the world a better place with a focus on sustainable philosophy.  If you’d like to read more, pay a visit here.