Pay it Forward Friday with Mom’s Clean Air Force

Sep 2012

I am constantly amazed by the sharing of information that takes place through social media. I learned about The Moms Clean Air Force through the recent Blog Her’12 Conference. I must admit, I was initially curious because I recognized the name of its cofounder and senior director, Dominique Browning. Following her transition from House and Garden, to her book, Slow, Love, Life, I’ve related to many of the changes in her life and always enjoyed her writing. I was curious to find out more about an organization she was involved with. What a great, inspiring group The Moms Clean Air Force has organized; working together for clean air and the health of our kids.

Screen shot of the Moms Clean Air Force web site

Their web site is filled with information, inspiring stories and simple actions to get involved. I love what they term naptime activism , giving moms the opportunity to participate during their child’s always precious nap time . Over 100,000 strong, the group is making inroads and raising awareness for an issue we all need to be concerned about.

I often wonder if it is really the lobbyists that run our government. When politicians are tied in their bid for reelection to irresponsible corporations with lobbyists working in their favor, Bills like the Clean Air Act can get lost in translation. The EPA gets watered down and suddenly Politicians in Congress are actually fighting for the right to pollute our air.

As I learned from the Mom’s Clean Air Force site:

Lined up against them to strengthen clean air regulations are some of the most respected medical organizations in the world: the American Lung Association; the American Medical Association; the American Heart Association; the American Academy of Pediatricians; the American Nurses Association.
Now there’s another powerful group supporting our right to clean air: Moms Clean Air Force.
Moms have passion and power — an unbeatable combination. We are harnessing the strength of mother love to fight back against polluters.
Moms are joining together, to come out in strength for our kids’ right to clean air — just as our parents fought for us, forty years ago, to get the Clean Air Act signed into law by President Richard Nixon. Moms Clean Air Force is nonpartisan–because clean air should be more important than politics.
On our website, we post everything for parents to understand what is at stake: nothing less than the health of our children, as well as future generations.
Air pollution isn’t just dirty. It is toxic. We show you how pollution connects to disease.
Moms will do everything they can to keep their children safe and sound. We look for the healthiest foods we can afford; we avoid toxic chemicals in our products.
But there are some things we simply can’t buy. Clean air is one. We need job-creating regulations to assure that our children have clean air right now, and for their future.

This is such a basic right for our children. By joining thousands of other moms, our active citizenship can have a powerful message in Washington. Your involvement can be as simple as signing a petition, or as involved as you like. Please visit their web site to see how you can help.As Julianna Moore declares-“it’s time for Moms to roar together.”

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