Pay it Forward Friday with The IOU Project

Nov 2011

 Today I am introducing a new column, Pay it Forward featuring  the IOU Project, a company whose unique handmade apparel is constructed from handwoven Indian fabrics.  Their core values of traceable, transparent, authentic, unique and designed are admirable, and a clever trunk show sales structure is the backbone of their social media e-commerce.  I was completely charmed by their video.

Scarves from the IOWEYOU Collection  {photo via IOWEYOU}
Introduction Video from The iouproject
In addition to their clothing, the web site is loaded with videos from weavers in their cooperatives in India, and interesting stories on their blog. Definitely worth a visit.
How did I decide on this column?  The other day I was coming out of Starbucks and held the door open for a man with his hands full.  He smiled as I entered. Then he turned around and asked me what kind of coffee I would like.  Taken aback and a bit suspicious, I stammered out my choice. Turns out he had just bought a pound, which comes with a free cup. He wasn’t in the mood, so he passed the selection on to me.  A simple, kind gesture, which made me smile and left me thinking about it for the rest of the afternoon. Sometimes I just get so bogged down with all the negativity flying around, it amazed me how surprised I was by his simple act. That gentleman inspired me to start a column to pay it forward.  Each week I will feature a company or non-profit trying to make the world a better place with a focus on sustainable philosophy.  Hmmm… sounds a bit lofty and self important, but my little gesture might in turn inspire someone else to pay it forward, and before you know it, the world could be a better place


  1. Anonymous says:

    Yes I love that too. I am going to make a BIG effort to pay it forward from now on. Thanks for the inspiration !