Pay it Forward Friday: Through the Lens of Steve McCurry

Aug 2013
Wildly popular for his dramatic images of raw fleeting emotion, American photographer Steve McCurry has traveled far and wide to places like India, Afghanistan, South-East Asia, and Cambodia to capture some of the most breath-taking photography. 

Thirty years ago marked his entrance into the vast and unknown world of travel. He started out as a freelance photographer in India. For the past twenty years he has worked on projects for National Geographic, where he covers areas of international and civil conflict. One of his career accolades was the rediscovery of an unidentified Afghan refugee. 

Seeing the picture for the first time is pretty impactful. The gaze of her eyes and the seriousness behind her transfixed expression is stunning.
Photo Credit: Steve McCurry

  “The eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul” 
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

If I have piqued your curiosity be sure to check out his free iPad app called Portraits. The app features nearly 200 portraits taken from all over the world that are mounted on an interactive timeline and map. You’ll have the power to visit over 50 countries with Steve from the comfort and convenience of your own couch. Enjoy! Click here to follow his blog.

Screenshot of Portraits App

Peshawar, Pakistan
All photos via Steve McCurry