Pay it Forward Friday: EcoChallenge 2013

Jun 2013
When was the last time you were challenged?
Challenges spark up the competitive spirit that lives inside all of us. Go to the gym, eat healthier, spend more time with your kids….these challenges have a couple things in common: goals, dedication, and a willingness to work hard. So without further adieu, Pay it Forward Friday invites you to take the EcoChallenge 2013!

” The EcoChallenge is a Northwest Earth Institute event that demonstrates the collective impact of many people making sustainable changes in their everyday lives. “

Your mission, If you Choose to Accept It:

The EcoChallenge is an annual event that challenges people to choose one action to reduce their environmental impact and stick with it for two weeks. Individuals and teams pick a category—water, trash, energy, food or transportation—and set a goal that stretches their comfort zone and makes a difference for themselves and the planet.

One of the great things about this challenge is that it’s pressure free. You get to decide, on your own terms, how you would like to kick start (or continue) your green lifestyle.  I came up with the following ideas, but feel free to add some of your own in the comments section below.

– Purchase a Starbucks tumbler (save 10 cents off your coffee in addition to saving a paper/plastic cup)
– Unplug appliances / electronics that are not in use
– Get involved with local Farmer’s Markets

The impact of campaigns like these are immense.  Kudos to the Northwest Earth Institute for encouraging a more environmentally conscious lifestyle – and doing it in a fun way. Did I mention they will be raffling off prizes during the challenge?!

Visit their Facebook page to keep up with the latest news.
Keep calm, and Green on!