Pay It Forward Friday – Bostons Higher Ground Farm

Feb 2013
Farming, fresh food and good design. Sounds like words that string together naturally don’t you think? Boston will soon join other cities around the country in starting it’s first rooftop garden early this spring. Pay It Forward Friday brings you the Higher Ground Farm being built atop the Boston Design Center in South Boston. 
The urban agriculture company was founded by Courtney Hennessey and John Stoddard who have found themselves working in food and agriculture since meeting at the University of Vermont. Both are well versed in the food industry, gardening and public policy and view this addition to the local food market as an opportunity to increase access to fresh, healthy food, contribute to the overall sustainability of the food system, and educate many about the benefits. Julie Rogowski, Vice President and General Manager of the Boston Design Center said “the project fits with the center’s goal to showcase original design concepts.  The clincher, however, was the opportunity to promote sustainability in the community.  We are thrilled to be a part of Boston’s first rooftop farm.”  
Beautiful, local food atop the best the design world has to offer-sounds like a match made in heaven to me!
Higher Ground Farm has only 15 days left to make their Kickstarter goal of $20,000.  Each dollar makes a difference.  Can you help them reach their goal? Hop over to their page and see.