Pay it Forward Friday With Able Made

May 2014

Pay it Forward Friday introduces you to Able Made, a company fueling hope and opportunity around the globe through the sales of exclusive designer goods that give back in different ways. Each uniquely created Able Made product funds a crisis support, work training or education project united by the same goal: to empower people and purchasers.  Creative collaborations  produce an exclusive, limited edition product made with sustainability and the environment in mind.                                                         Sometimes I view the internet as a great big, black hole, and other times I am amazed at the way it connects the dots.  As I was learning about Able Made, I was shocked when I heard  Suzanne McKenzie, Able Made’s founder, speaking about her late husband as the inspiration for her company.  Ucal McKenzie was actually a counselor, peer mentor and soccer coach at my kids high school, and his tragic death left a hole in the entire community.    When I spoke to my daughter about him today, she got a little misty eyed when she said “Mom, Ucal was the face of all guidance at our school.”  It made me feel Suzanne’s passion all the more intensely, and I immediately wanted to share this innovative company with all of my readers. I hope you’ll take a look at their site and bookmark it for your e-commerce needs.   If we as consumers remember that the choices we make fuel the economy, collectively our dollars can have a real impact. Photo of Suzanne McKenzie via Able Made

  1. noel says:

    What a great idea to support and fund companies that you know personally and make a difference, bravo

  2. Hear, hear… what a great idea. Always nice to hear of people running businesses that strive to make a difference – I hope it’s a great success.

  3. How wonderful Alison, and I hope that Suzanne gets oodles of support to make this a massive success. I had shivers down my spine when reading about it!

  4. Always love to hear about these new start-up businesses or even established organizations that are doing good throughout the world.

    All too frequently they get lost among a saturated market (much like travel bloggers really!) but it’s nice to see that you have put together a great post supporting them.