Vienna for Couples Romance with Mozart

Dec 2018

Looking for a romantic destination? Vienna for couples certainly has more than its fair share of  the dreamy quotient. The capital of Austria is filled with music, art, culture, history and of course, swoonworthy sights certain to steal your heart.

Vienna for couples palace

This centuries-old city comes complete with magnificent opera houses, majestic castles and quaint cafés. My husband and I chose Vienna for couples as the first stop on our anniversary celebration; a perfect beginning for combining romance and Mozart on  European tour.

Responsible Travel Tips for Eating the Globe

Nov 2018

At Green with Renvy we know there’s more than one way to travel, and for Baby Boomers, more than one way to incorporate responsible travel tips into your lifestyle. A sustainable planet requires a new way of thinking on many fronts, eating the globe is a good place to start. With over 4 billion passengers taking flight last year, one of the world’s  largest industries is positioned to make a substantial impact with its spending dollars.

By following responsible travel tips, Baby Boomers can lead the way in making travel sustainable rather than damaging. Considering nearly 75% of empty nesters in America invested in travel last year, we are poised to make a statement about what we are looking for when we visit a destination. Unique travel experiences tasting the local culture give us a takeaway that enhances our understanding of the world.

JetBlue Mint Experience A Luxury Flight

Nov 2018

When you travel, do you want luxury amenities without paying the hefty price tag flying from  coast to coast? In the past, travelers would have to wait in long lines at the ticket counter or at the gate to  put their name on a list for a flight upgrade. Another option was to just bite the bullet and pay the business class ticket. Ouch! A JetBlue Mint experience offers another option for luxury seeking travelers.

JetBlue lie flat seats

With their Mint Service, passengers can take advantage of the luxuries that you would pay dearly for on legacy airlines for just a fraction of the cost of your average business class ticket. Tickets start at $600. depending on route and time of booking.

Tasting Beets and Borscht in Ukraine

Oct 2018

Beets are a bit of a lightning rod. Tastebuds will either fall madly in love or stop dead in their tracks and do a U- turn. Food always offers the opportunity to dig into a new destination when traveling. Can a pot of soup unlock the cultural secrets of a country? Can the flavor of a root vegetable give insight to a new destination?  I was game to find out while tasting beets and borscht in Ukraine.


Strong, earthy and filled with vitamins and minerals (follate and manganese and more), beets have always been one of my favorite foods. Some nutritionists even call it crimson spinach because of high levels of iron. On a trip to Ukraine with JayWay Travel, I challenged myself to find the tasty beets on as many menus as possible. The country did not disappoint.

10 Reasons to Visit Ukraine Now

Sep 2018

Wondering why travelers should visit Ukraine now? The country has a rich and storied past: from humble beginnings it became a trade route established by Scandinavians in the 800’s. Later it played a role as a location for Cossack outposts. More recently we all know about its time as a part of the USSR and Russian suppression. When offered the opportunity to visit this undiscovered destination with JayWay Travel, I was fascinated to learn more about one of the largest countries in Europe. I wanted to see for myself why so many were being seduced by the charms of Eastern Europe.