Best Walks and Hikes in Boston and Nearby Area

Jan 2021

Winter hikes in Boston? Oh yes, the residents of this New England destination are a hearty and resilient crowd. Where else can you find bikes pedaling through the snow in winter and sailboats on the water as soon as the ice is out.  This plow friendly city and surrounding neighborhoods have trails aplenty for lovers of the outdoors in every season!

Hiking over bridge in Boston

Within the city limits, visitors will find abundant green space to satisfy their desire for a Boston hike or good walk. Rich with over 1,200 acres of green space, a series of interconnected parks and trails form the famous Green Necklace. Close by, many nature venues add an additional level of hiking experiences.

The newly developed waterfront gives visitors access to the beautiful Boston Harbor and of course, everyone must take in a few blocks of the historic Freedom Trail . Sprinkled throughout the many places to walk and hike in Boston are pieces of history with which no other city can compete. Don’t let anyone tell you to avoid the cold months in Beantown. This year-round destination is a dream for both indoor and outdoor enthusiasts. In each case, you’ll find a trail suitable for families or serious hikers. Boston’s open space is truly an extraordinary abundance of green treasures with a trail for everyone.

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Finding Comfort in Traditional Lithuanian Food

Dec 2020

Comfort food the world over is having a bit of a renaissance, including traditional Lithuanian food. Around the globe, everyone is seeking ways to sooth psyches and provide that warm, fuzzy and secure feeling. With winter and colder temperatures settling in, these dishes made with appealing tastes might be just what you’re looking for.

cookies on blue counter

While many might not be familiar with the obscure dishes from this unexplored cuisine, the flavors are familiar and rewarding. Feel good dishes with easy to find ingredients are sure to introduce hearty happiness into your kitchen.

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Best Hiking in Switzerland for Baby Boomers

Nov 2020

Hiking in Switzerland is undoubtedly one of the best destinations in the world for this popular sport. Needless to say, the country’s natural beauty is unparalleled and makes for breathtaking backdrops. The best part about this, though, is how accessible nature is from anywhere in the country. The landscapes are vast and diverse but never too far or difficult to reach.

hiking Switzerland lake

There are endless options for hiking in Switzerland suitable for any and all experience level. From mountains and vast glaciers to lush meadows and crystal blue lakes, hiking trails lead people through almost other-worldly destinations. Suspension bridges, cable cars and magnificent vistas are all part of the Swiss travel picture.

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A Luxury Kenya Safari Holiday at Elsa’s

Nov 2020

In your mind’s eye, think of the animal that comes into view when you imagine a Kenya safari holiday.  For many, myself included, the picture of a specific lioness comes to mind. Baby boomers the world over grew up with the story of Elsa from the film Born Free.

couple having sundowner at Elsa's Kopje

Through this beautiful lioness and her loving caretakers, we learned about Africa and the abundant wildlife she had to offer. The story inspired thousands to become involved in the wildlife conservation movement, and many more to visit the east African country of Kenya.

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Fall Nantucket A to Z

Aug 2020

A Nantucket fall is especially wonderful during the months of September and October.  Most of the summer tourists have left and the island settles into a pace that is more relaxing and enjoyable.  The weather is lovely, the water still warm and the sand between your toes on uncrowded beaches is the best kind of Fall escape as far as I’m concerned.

With nearly 50% of the land on the island given over to conservation, you’ll find an awesome getaway 30 miles out to sea. The Nantucket Conservation Foundation have made preserving the island’s character a priority by permanently conserving, maintaining, and managing natural areas and habitats for all to enjoy. Here’s my best of Fall Nantucket from A to Z.

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