Prouts Neck Cliff Walk and the Black Point Inn

Mar 2022

Looking for old world charm, privacy and one of the loveliest, bold, peninsula coastlines in Maine? A trip to the Prouts Neck Cliff Walk and Black Point Inn should be on your summer vacation agenda. New England has her pretty on this season.

rocky shoreline with waves in Maine

This little piece of Maine is about as good looking as it gets. Established in the late 19th century for summer cottages, it’s no wonder this breezy oceanfront spot, complete with cliff walk jutting into Saco Bay remains a favorite seasonal getaway.

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Florida’s Best Beaches Jupiter and Beyond

Feb 2022

The Sunshine State has over 1,350 miles of beautiful coastline. Travel to the beaches of Jupiter and the surrounding area to find some of the most stunning. Turquoise waters, sun, surf and sand await.

beach and turquoise ocean

Every tourist and resident has an opinion about their favorite Florida beach. Much of it depends upon where they live or visit. Trust me when I say ‘It’s nearly impossible to see them all!”  I’ve been traveling to Florida for over 60 years and had the opportunity to dip my toes into more than a few on the state’s shorelines; I still have a long way to go.

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Best Things to do in Jordan

Jan 2022

Best Things to Do in Jordan

The country of Jordan is a ruggedly beautiful place.  Traces of old civilizations are everywhere along with more recently established nature reserves. The famous city of Petra  is only one of many stunning Jordan sites to see. Also known as The Jewel of the Middle East, this is the place to experience a welcome that gives new meaning to the term hospitality.

woman with hat looking at monastery Petra, Jordan

Most of the famous landmarks in Jordan are enforcing responsible travel regulations to ensure that these sites are preserved for future generations. You can travel to a variety of beautiful places in Jordan with a light heart, knowing that you’re supporting their eco-tourism efforts.

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Arabic Street Food Flavors of Jordan

Dec 2021

Jordan’s famous hospitality is featured nowhere more than in their Arabic street food and delicious restaurants, unless of course you are invited into someone’s home. After a visit, one might think the term ‘feasting like a king” was invented here! Whether snacking, sipping or sitting down to a complete meal, tasting the flavors of this country is likewise taking a deep dive into the Jordanian culture.

mezze selection of food in Jordan

Villagers take joy in preparing a meal together, especially for festivals and community events. Restaurants are filled with extended families eating as a group. When combined with Jordan’s legendary welcome, each meal is another way to express warmth and kindness to visitors. Welcome (to Jordan) ­– Ahlan wa Sahlan – a phrase I heard throughout my trip!

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Travel Home to an EcoSleep Mattress

Nov 2021

I’ve just returned from a trip half way around the world.  Next to seeing my family, the best feature of coming home is a good night on my EcoSleep mattress.  Sleeping around the world is not easy! I know, y’all are taking out your violin and feeling sorry for me. But truthfully, when the average person spends close to 25 years of their life in bed, don’t you agree that time should be well spent enjoying the best possible experience?

woman on bed with linens

Traveling disrupts sleep; jet lag is real. I’m usually beside myself with excitement on departure; the time change doesn’t bother me. By the end however, I can expect a 48-hour crash and my circadian rhythms are definitely out of whack. A good night’s sleep is calling my name.

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