Scenic Day Trips from Cordoba Spain

Aug 2022

Córdoba, the southern Spain charmer, has an abundance of Byzantine and Moorish sites from the Middle Ages. Visitors who have tasted this living piece of history will no doubt want to explore further. With options for all types of travelers, venture deeper with these easy and fun day trips from Cordoba, Spain.

woman looking out castle windows into landscape in Spain

You’ve explored the mosque/cathedral, visited UNESCO World Heritage sites and tickled your taste buds in the city, but are craving more of seductive Cordoba. Blessed with both man made and natural wonders, the heart of Andalusia is an excellent region for both active and tasty adventures. Take a sip of liquid gold, climb ancient castles to look out over olive groves that lead to hiking trails through dramatic limestone mountains. Are you ready to explore some of the best day trips from Cordoba?

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25 Fabulous Things To Do in Cordoba Spain

Aug 2022

Are you planning a trip to Spain? The City of Three Cultures, should be at the top of your list. On a recent visit, I discovered a wealth of things to do in Cordoba. In fact, I also found the most inspirational building in all of Europe!

Medieval palace with flowers and fountains Cordoba Alcazar

Tucked into the heart of Andalusia, Córdoba receives less tourists than its more famous neighbors of Seville and Granada. Located in stunning southern Spain, this city’s hidden treasures are numerous, just waiting to be discovered.

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Inside Petra Jordan’s Rose City

Apr 2022

Exploring inside Petra has been a bucket list goal for as long as I can remember. For some, the City of Petra is unfamiliar – but for history buffs and  fans of Indiana Jones and The Lost Crusade, images of Petra will be instantly recognizable. This stunning ruin, carved into sandstone is hidden in a valley, surrounded by mountains.

The Monastery with blue sky and flowers in Petra Jordan

Petra is a wonder of the world that will leave you speechless as you marvel at the astonishing carvings. In 1985 it was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The infamous movie in 1989 put the Rose City on the map of international tourism.

Take a journey with me. The confluence of culture, archeology and natural wonder awaits inside Petra. Learn a little more about how it came to be and discover how best to experience it.

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Prouts Neck Cliff Walk and the Black Point Inn

Mar 2022

Looking for old world charm, privacy and one of the loveliest, bold, peninsula coastlines in Maine? A trip to the Prouts Neck Cliff Walk and Black Point Inn should be on your summer vacation agenda. New England has her pretty on this season.

rocky shoreline with waves in Maine

This little piece of Maine is about as good looking as it gets. Established in the late 19th century for summer cottages, it’s no wonder this breezy oceanfront spot, complete with cliff walk jutting into Saco Bay remains a favorite seasonal getaway.

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Florida’s Best Beaches Jupiter and Beyond

Feb 2022

The Sunshine State has over 1,350 miles of beautiful coastline. Travel to the beaches of Jupiter and the surrounding area to find some of the most stunning. Turquoise waters, sun, surf and sand await.

beach and turquoise ocean

Every tourist and resident has an opinion about their favorite Florida beach. Much of it depends upon where they live or visit. Trust me when I say ‘It’s nearly impossible to see them all!”  I’ve been traveling to Florida for over 60 years and had the opportunity to dip my toes into more than a few on the state’s shorelines; I still have a long way to go.

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