Arabic Street Food Flavors of Jordan

Dec 2021

Jordan’s famous hospitality is featured nowhere more than in their Arabic street food and delicious restaurants, unless of course you are invited into someone’s home. After a visit, one might think the term ‘feasting like a king” was invented here! Whether snacking, sipping or sitting down to a complete meal, tasting the flavors of this country is likewise taking a deep dive into the Jordanian culture.

mezze selection of food in Jordan

Villagers take joy in preparing a meal together, especially for festivals and community events. Restaurants are filled with extended families eating as a group. When combined with Jordan’s legendary welcome, each meal is another way to express warmth and kindness to visitors. Welcome (to Jordan) ­– Ahlan wa Sahlan – a phrase I heard throughout my trip!

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Travel Home to an EcoSleep Mattress

Nov 2021

I’ve just returned from a trip half way around the world.  Next to seeing my family, the best feature of coming home is a good night on my EcoSleep mattress.  Sleeping around the world is not easy! I know, y’all are taking out your violin and feeling sorry for me. But truthfully, when the average person spends close to 25 years of their life in bed, don’t you agree that time should be well spent enjoying the best possible experience?

woman on bed with linens

Traveling disrupts sleep; jet lag is real. I’m usually beside myself with excitement on departure; the time change doesn’t bother me. By the end however, I can expect a 48-hour crash and my circadian rhythms are definitely out of whack. A good night’s sleep is calling my name.

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Healthy Aging Exercise that Travels With You

Aug 2021

Now that travel is back on the horizon, I’m keen to maintain my fitness when on the road.
After arrival in a destination, whether it be from a road trip, train or plane travel, a good stretch will improve your mood and revitalize your energy.

woman doing warrior pose in a garden looking at computer

As I age, proper stretching is even more important for preventing injury. Ensuring a daily bit of exercise has become just as much a priority when I travel as remembering to pack my sunscreen and important travel documents.

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The Best Eco Friendly Things to do Antigua Barbuda

Aug 2021

As the Emerging Sustainable Destination for 2021, the focus on eco-friendly things to do in Antigua and Barbuda has been given high priority. The award originally put this quintessential Caribbean destination on my radar. Restarting travel with a significant concentration on the responsible travel sector emphasizes the significance this two island nation has placed on their environment.

Reef off shore and mountains in the background.

With a reputation as a luxury Caribbean destination, the islands rely heavily on tourism for their economy. It is indeed promising to see the government working to limit the negative environmental and socio-cultural consequences of unplanned tourism. With limited resources,  the importance of responsible tourism and an eco friendly return to travel in the future is a welcome discussion, properly placed front and center.

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Travel Essentials List International Update

Aug 2021

Across my twitter feed comes some exciting news about my travel essentials list. “United and Abbott are partnering to make return to the US from international travel worry free with an at home testing kit”. My heart skipped a beat, as I had an upcoming trip to a more remote area of Mexico and finding a lab was proving challenging.

Apparently, a kit was now CDC approved to expand testing for international travel into the US. This new travel essential could be packed in a carry on and would allow travelers to take a COVID-19 test themselves within the 72-hour time window, a game changer as far as I was concerned. The BinaxNow COVID-19 Home Test from Abbott Laboratories is one of the few on the market being accepted by airlines.

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