Ecuador’s Top Ten Experiences in Quito

May 2019

Bright lights twinkle at dusk as the plane dips beneath the clouds on approach. I can just catch a glimpse of the surrounding contoured mountains rising up around the city. I imagine the Winged Virgin of El Pancillo, the tallest in the world, standing guard in so many photos. As we take a shadowy bounce on the runway, I can’t wait to get started exploring the top experiences in Quito.

El Panecillo Quito, Ecuador

Outside of the Galapagos, Ecuador is an often-overlooked jewel of a country. Surrounded by its larger South American neighbors, many visitors don’t look past the popular islands made famous by Charles Darwin.  The county’s small size shouldn’t fool you. This Middle of the Earth gem has loads of appeal and something to offer everyone. When exploring the highlights, I suggest visiting my top ten essential experiences in Quito.

Peru’s Sustainable Machu Picchu Pueblo

Apr 2019

While I’m a firm believer that every day should be Earth Day, it is always exciting when a major environmental achievement coincides with Earth Month. Peru’s sustainable Machu Picchu Pueblo has reached an exciting environmental goal.  The city has been crowned the first in Latin America to become 100 percent sustainable.

Sustainable Machu Picchu

Tasting Italy A Local Florence Food Tour

Mar 2019

Have you ever been traveling and wondered, “how can I experience life as a local rather than a typical tourist?” Well, I am glad you asked!  I recently returned from my third trip to Italy where I participated in a Florence food tour. It’s my absolute favorite city, although in my short 27 years I can’t claim the list is too long.  I decided I must do something unforgettable this time around to see more of the life a Florence local lives.

Eating Europe food tour Arno River
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Chernobyl Tours and Dark Tourism in Ukraine

Mar 2019

A crushed and broken doll, unread school books, homes taken back by nature, peeling paint on a glorious mural and a rusted amusement park; these are the images that come to my mind when someone mentions Chernobyl Tours. April 25th marks the anniversary of the one of the most dangerous and expensive nuclear disasters in history. Tourists to Ukraine can take part in a visit to Chernobyl and experience a rare opportunity visiting the disaster area. It is surely a trip you will never forget.

Chernobyl Tours Dark Tourism Painting Russian

On that date, there were the conditions for a perfect storm. A design flaw in the reactor was coupled with a late night safety test. During the test, the security systems were turned off; an explosion and fire spewed radiation into the environment for hundreds of miles.

Celebrating Women Who Travel

Mar 2019

March is Women’s History Month. This year, the theme is #BalanceforBetter, a balanced world is a better world. I can’t think of a better reason for marking the occasion of women’s achievement and trying to raise awareness against bias.

women who travel

Celebrating women who travel is just one of the many categories of impressive females in our history. We’ve all heard of Amelia Earhart, Jane Goodall and Nellie Bly, the list of inspiring women is a comprehensive one.  Intrepid explorers all: one part bravery, one part brains and a whole lot of wanderlust and passion.

In celebration of International Women’s Day, I thought I’d share the stories of  a group of relatively unknown women with very different histories. One a survivor, one a wealthy explorer, one a remarkable artist and a group of women scaling new heights of adventurer. The common thread- women who travel runs through and changes their lives in unexpected ways.