Kenya’s Loisaba Tented Camp and Best Things to Do

May 2020

The magic of Africa awaits in a dreamy and life-changing bespoke adventure. Loisaba Tented Camp is the perfect combination of luxury and responsible travel; the bucket list safari vacation you’ve always wanted to take.

Loisaba tented camp

Found in the highlands on Laikipia Plateau, the property occupies an enviable setting with expansive views of the Karissia Hills and off in the distance, Mount Kenya. Loisaba Tented Camp is one of three luxury properties located within the Conservancy of the same name and the ideal setting for the ultimate wildlife holiday in Kenya.

Mediterranean Inspired Red Lentil Pasta Recipe

May 2020

Do the flavors from different parts of the world take you on a virtual journey? I find taste to be one of the strongest triggers for transporting me to another time and place. When asked by the Meatless Monday team to create a red lentil pasta recipe using lentil penne from Modern Table Meals, spring time and the Mediterranean came to mind.

Red Lentil Pasta Recipe for Meatless Monday

The robust flavors of citrus, olives and fresh basil were combined for a Mediterranean Inspired Red Lentil Pasta Salad.  This recipe will cure a case of wanderlust, and my gluten free friends will especially enjoy a trip to Italy right from their own kitchen.

Tips and Business Ideas for Women Working from Home

Apr 2020

Business ideas for women working from home have never been more important.  Side-hustle, remote, Zoom, Trello and Skype–they are all part of the new tools as we pivot in the current environment.  On the bright side, employees who work from home are 87% more likely to love their jobs. Do you have business ideas for women to enjoy the freedom of becoming THEIR OWN boss? Self-employment and working from home have been my life for over 25 years.

eyeglasses with flowers and books

While I would hardly call myself an expert, I do have lots of experience. I thought I would share some of the useful tips and business ideas for women working from home I’ve learned over the years. With a home based business, these strategies have been fine tuned to keep me focused and on the path to success. Most, if not all can be applied to working remotely and staying productive, an environment currently on the minds of many as we settle into our new normal.

A Nairobi Safari and Top City Attractions

Feb 2020

Most travelers would probably be surprised to hear that a wildlife Nairobi safari is possible just outside the city limits. Usually Nairobi is thought of as the gateway to a Kenya safari in the Mara Game Reserves, Amboseli National Park, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Loisaba Wildlife Conservancy or a Masa Mari safari. Any of these bucket list experiences are worthy of a once in a lifetime tour. For those short on time however, the 30,000 acre Nairobi National Park offers an opportunity to visit “The World’s Only Wildlife Capital” for game viewing and a mini Kenya safari tour.

Narobi safari rhinos

The Best Towns in Provence for Local Shopping

Feb 2020

Lavender fields, rows of ancient olive trees, sparkling pink rosé. What comes to mind when you think about shopping in the best towns in Provence? If you’re anything like me, your senses are alive with the thought of sachets and soaps, culinary delights and fields of sunflowers a la Van Gogh.

best towns in Provence lavender field

Responsible travel is a hot topic these days. Keeping it local when you travel is one of the tenants of responsible travel and a great way to support local artisans and makers. The process of preserving dollars in a circular economy  helps to keep traditional crafts alive. Cultural values are passed from one generation to the next. The best towns in Provence offer a myriad of options to sustain your spending in the local economy. In addition to frequenting hotels and restaurants employing the area residents, visitors can use their purchasing power to KEEP IT LOCAL when buying souvenirs in the beautiful villages of Southern France.