Into the Clouds-Parasailing Grand Cayman Style

Oct 2017

 Given the choice, do you prefer the aisle or window seat? The answer’s an easy one for me. Coming in through the clouds to a new destination makes my heart race. Seeing the outline of an island from the air is one of my favorite views. Predictable? Not usually, except perhaps with my seat selection. I love flying, and when given the chance to go parasailing Grand Cayman Style, I couldn’t say yes fast enough. This adventure would feel like taking to the skies outside of the plane!

Caribbean Parasailing grand Cayman style

Maine Windjammer Ecotourism Cruise

Sep 2017

The lighthouse dotted, rocky coastline of scenic Penobscot Bay is a perfect starting point to experience a Maine windjammer ecotourism cruise. The J&E Riggin, an historic schooner built in 1927 would be my home for the next four days.

JE Riggin Maine Windjammer ecotourism cruise

Originally used as an oyster dredger in the Delaware Bay, the boat also spent time fishing in Cape Cod and Long Island Sound. Now docked in Rockland harbor, the award winning Riggin was the first Maine Windjammer to be entirely carbon neutral. Current owners Jon Finger and Annie Mahle are committed to an environmental policy that is both admirable and impressive. I was intrigued to observe the practices of a cruise that would be entirely sustainable and carbon free.

Taste the Season with Flavors of Greece

Sep 2017
The season is overflowing with ripe fruits and vegetables. Farmer’s markets are bountiful and spinach, one of the healthiest of vegetables, is plentiful for the second time this summer.  I love to travel with my senses, and what better way to taste the season and incorporate this leafy, dark, green than with the flavors of Greece. This Meatless Monday I am transported to the Greek Isles with a recipe for Spanakopita.

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Best Fall Travel in Coastal New England

Sep 2017

Fall is the time of magic light. A season when artists visit certain towns around the world and end up falling in love and relocating.  Bathed in the soft light of September and beyond, these are five favorite towns for the best fall travel in coastal New England; each shines in the off season.

Coastal New England Fall Getaways


Speaking of the off season, visiting during this time is a favorite tip for making your travel more sustainable. Those months before or after the period that sees the highest influx of tourists and stretches towns to capacity is my most coveted time to travel.

Tasting Europe a Viking River Rhine Cruise

Aug 2017

The Rhine is known as one of Europe’s most beloved rivers. Flowing between six countries and connecting northern and southern Europe, it takes a twisting journey from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea over a stretch of approximately 720 miles. A Viking River Rhine cruise offers views of enchanting castles, impossibly steep vineyards and half timbered houses from your stateroom windows.