Packing Healthy Lunch-Not Just for Kids

Sep 2015

After many years of packing lunches, I still enjoy it as a way to connect with my family. And I’m not only talking about packing it for my kids. I have always looked at food as a way to connect. I feel that way when I’m traveling, and I surely feel that way at home. Preparing food for someone is a universal way to show you care.

picnics have always inspired my lunch packing

Lunch for me has always been inspired by picnics. I grew up at the shore, and creative lunches on the beach were always part of our summer lifestyle. That continues to this day. My parents have been up North visiting  for a few months and during the time we were together we packed lunch for the beach, just as we have done for so many years. My mom no longer goes to the ocean, so leaving her a nutritious lunch was a way to say I cared about her. I hoped she felt the love when she sat down with the plate I had left. Even though I am not packing my kids off on the school bus this fall, lunch is a personal way for me to connect in this digital age. Just because your kids have gotten older, they can still benefit from eating a healthy lunch. As a matter of fact, my husband goes off to work many a day with lunch in hand. While I don’t do daily, I like to be creative and try to have fun with the middle meal of the day.

creative healthy lunches

Deviled eggs, chicken salad (the rest of my family are enthusiastic carnivores), quinoa with feta and tomatoes. Many of my picnic recipes make it into the lunch box. I love using canning jars as containers; you don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients in many of the plastics. Chopsticks-yes a fun, sustainable utensil. Dairy is often yogurt, and I love the fact I can count on Stonyfield for pure organic ingredients. Their protein shake is a great afternoon pick me up.

Make lunch interesting

Use brown paper grocery bags cut to placemat size. It keeps the desk form getting soiled and is a fun way to re-use the paper. Fold it to fit in the lunch box. Have you ever packed a love note to your husband or your kids? Well why not give it a try. There will be results…. My kids are transitioning, and as young adults, I hope they’ve picked up some of my healthy habits. My son can stop in every so often to share the mid-day meal and my daughter works  long hours in the school system. Each time I take it as an opportunity to connect and pass along some nourishment. I have an arsenal at hand, but always a few tools I can rely on, and always a formula to try and follow. Make it pretty and colorful and include a bit from each part of the food pyramid. Something salty+sweet+protein+dairy+vegetable/fruit+grain.


And you see the yoKids on the squeeze? Believe me when I say the reason they’re called YoKids is because they bring out the kid in all of us. Everyone in my family from my 86 year old father to my youngest loves eating from the happy squeeze. It just puts a smile on your face.

Packing a healthy lunch is important whatever the age. Have some fun with it and get creative. Do you have a secret formula for packing lunches? Share your tricks of the trade in the comments.

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  1. Mia says:

    I’m a massive picnic fan pf picnics as well and always try to stick with the healthier options while packing a lunch. I use a lot of quinoa as well for salads etc. I really liked your blog. I’ll defiantly come back!

  2. Haha, I just love the way one posts the comments and general design of the website that I had to send one of my own <3 very good job!!!!

  3. evankristine says:

    That looked awesome, you should post more like this! Looks yummy for a lunch I’d have it everyday

  4. Janna says:

    I love this ideas for lunches! I’m trying to get better at packing healthy lunches but it’s hard especially when you’re just cooking for one

  5. Jocelyn says:

    I’m horrible at packing lunch, or eating it. While I do, I prefer dinner then breakfast then lunch. Need to stop just eating cookies instead 🙂

  6. Natasha Amar says:

    Packing lunches for my husband is my first time packing lunches ever. We’re trying to get healthier and the extreme summer in the UAE means that salads and other picnic style food sounds just about right. I must admit that beginning my day packing him a healthy meal brings me satisfaction and I’m always looking for creative ideas so that it doesn’t get boring. Thanks for the tips!

  7. Natalie says:

    That looks delicious and pretty!