New England Summer Food Festivals

Jun 2017


  1. Like Machias’ blueberry festival, we have a blueberry festival here in Vancouver. Right now the local blueberries are so so crisp, juicy and tart/sweet at the same time — and they’re such a healthy fruit! One year, we attended a media event where innovative cocktails were made from blueberries.

    Anyway, in Maine, the Maine Lobster Festival would get us drooling. Can’t imagine scoffing three lobsters — but then lobster really isn’t very filling or caloric, so maybe :-).

    • alison says:

      You can never have too many blueberries right Janice? I can add them to just about anything-including lobster salad! We had an embarrassment of lobsters over the 4th and I can’t wait to indulge again.

  2. All year long is lobster fest in Maine, I would think.