Natural Lace Stones from Monica J

Mar 2013
With Easter around the corner, small smooth objects in shades of pastel colors are popping up everywhere. When I stumbled upon the natural lace stones of Monica J, I was completely taken, and knew I’d found the objet d’art I’d want to fill my Easter basket.
Art, Mixed Media, Original, Tribal, Crochet Stone, Handmade, Beige Thread with Calcite Beads
Monica is from Altus, Ok and finds her smooth oval rocks wherever her travels take her.  Each stone has a personality all its own, and has the distinction of being a one of a kind treasure.  This one, a favortie of mine, has small white calcite beads that remind me of caviar. 
Wedding Table Decor, Home Decor, Crochet Lace Stone, Large,White, Light Gray Stone, Handmade
This grouping clustered together would add such a unique touch to a wedding reception table, or as gifts to your bridesmaids. The artist’s mastery of technique is certainly on display here!
Art, Mixed Media, Crochet Lace Stone, Original, Tribal, Handmade, Light Gray Stone with Fluorite Bead Chips, Table Decorations, Wedding
I think the stone above with beige ecru thread and flourite bead chips in shades of pale green, lavender  pink and blue would inspire me to keep my desktop clean, so that it might command center attention.
Folk Art, Table Decorations, Crochet Lace Stone, Original, Handmade, Mixed Media, Home Decor, Woodland, Light Beige, Deep Gray Stone
Using traditional crocheting techniques, Monica has added a modern touch to a vintage lace pattern.
Art, Mixed Media, Crochet Lace Stone, Original, Handmade, Table Decorations, Home Decor, Art Object, Folk Art, Oval, Beige, Gray
This geometric design would be at home in any decor.

Many of the patterns remind me of sea urchins, and I don’t have to tell any of you how much I love the ocean.  Which one would you choose?

All photos via MonicaJ

  1. sue mcdevitt says:

    where can I get the pattern for these beauties

    • alison says:

      Sue-The lovely lace stones are originals and I believe one of a kind. You can purchase the stone and lace from the link I provided. Glad you like them so much.

  2. Cloclo says:

    Magnifique magnifique