5 Reasons to Love My Weekend View No.43

Mar 2015

Nothing like a little sun to take away the winter doldrums and give me 5 reasons to love my weekend view. I am trying to be more mindful of my surroundings and appreciate all I have been given, there are reminders around every corner telling you of how quickly it can all disappear.

Love my weekend view
  • My last swim-everytime I look at this view, my blood pressure drops about 10 points.
  • I explored The Breakers in Palm Beach one afternoon. While the view on the outside is all old world glitz, pomp and circumstance, I was pleased to learn if you look below the surface, you’ll find a view that includes many sustainable practices. Their reverse osmosis watering source for irrigation was impressive.
  • Can’t beat the views of sunrise and sunset in the south.
  • Florida is all about the water. Kids learn to drive a boat at about the same time they learn to ride a bicycle. Being on the water gives you a view that completely changes your perspective of a location.
  • The Northwood section of Palm Beach is filled with several blocks of galleries, vintage shops, cafes and restaurants offering local ingredients on the menu. This is my idea of a great view for strolling in the sunshine.

Now I’m trying to visualize those views as I think about my basement flooding from all the snow melt. Take a breath and be mindful…..

How was your weekend view?

  1. travelFREAK says:

    Looks like you had fun!! That sunset is fantastic!

  2. Down in my neck of the FL woods. Love your life!!

  3. Madaline says:

    GORGEOUS. I wish my upcoming weekend could have this view because I did enjoy my weekend in the hills of Lazio here in Italy.

    That sunset.. stunning

    • alison says:

      Thanks for stopping by Madaline. Sounds like your weekend view might have been pretty lovely as well.The sunsets of Florida are pretty spectacular every night I’ve ever spent there.