My Weekend View from Boston

Apr 2013
There’s been such an outpouring of love, support and caring from around the world since the events of last week at Boston’s Marathon.  I want to thank all of my readers who have sent me well wishes, it warms my heart to have you think of me, in many instances from lands afar.

My husband and I decided to spend Saturday in the city, and as you can see, it was filled with people and oh so beautiful!

Kids in the Boston Garden getting all duded up and ready to go to the prom

Flowers bursting at the seams and blooming in all their glory…

Parents with their kids enjoying family time and taking part in the city…

From the people in  restaurants just feet from the site of the explosion to the makeshift memorials and signs everywhere of support, it was obvious that Boston Strong is a new part of our vocabulary.
Walking around was very surreal  it was hard to process the events, and hard to believe that just 13 days had passed-it seemed like a minute and months at the same time. It was an emotional special night to remember.