DIY-Mixing it Up A Bit with Olive Oil

Nov 2011

We all know that olive oil is one of those good heart healthy fats, and in moderation can help with all sorts of ailments.  But did you know that there are many uses for it outside the kitchen?

Mind you, I’m not about to use my just transported back, first press, liquid green gold from Poggi del Sasso, Cinigiano.  But I have a few others to choose from.

castello di vicarello2

  • Massage a little into rough winter heels after your shower and wear a pair of light cotton socks to be.  In the morning you’ll wake up with heels no longer looking like snake skin!
  • Women have been oiling their hair for centuries, and olive oil works just as well as coconut or argane oil.  With a few drops, massage into scalp and work about.  Better yet, have your significant other do it.  Remember the scene from Out of Africa-its pretty heavenly.  Shampoo with your favorite non-toxic after about an hour.
  • Combine with sugar and your favorite essential oil into a paste to make a lovely exfoliating scrub for the shower.
  • Hairballs and cats are a nasty combo.  Put a few drops on their paws, and they’ll lick them clean, shine up their coats and be on the road to hairball loss.
  • One of my favorite natural cleaners: 2 parts olive oil/1 part lemon juice to replenish and clean your wood furniture.
  • A few drops on a stuck zipper will lubricate the teeth to slide more smoothly.

I’m sure this is only scratching the skin of uses for olive oil outside the kitchen.  Share your secret concoction in the comments section below.