Meatless Monday

May 2011

Bilingual Cow  {from Altopower via flickr}Why does this cow look so happy and gay?  Well aside from the fact it’s French and oh so chic, today is  Mealtless Monday!  Its always nice to meat {I know} the people behind ideas I subscribe to, so it is a pleasure to share this introduction from the HuffPost by Maria Rodale about Chris Elam, the program director of  Chris says he is “curious to learn about the environmental benefits of cutting back just a little.”  Taking that first step has a huge impact on the world around us, and the web site is a great place to start  for anyone who is thinking about exploring this concept.  Responsible stewardship, tuna casserole, Classico vodka sauce and homemade granola are all part of his vocabulary.  C’est une bonne chose!